Luxury Stone Bathroom

A Guide to Bathroom Stone

What’s the plan with your bathroom? Unless you’ve just finished refitting it, most people have a plan forming in the back of their mind about this room. It’s the room where many of us have a ‘fantasy design’; a spa-like haven in which to retreat from the world. Perhaps you want to freshen up your existing family bathroom. Or maybe you plan to add an en-suite or downstairs w.c to add value and convenience to your home. And it [...]

Sink and Worktop

Everything about the Kitchen Sink: How to Chose the Right Sink for Your Stone Worktop

The relationship between your kitchen sink and the worktop that surrounds it is a delicate one. You must find a balance that successfully combines function and aesthetic within your overall room design. Since you’ve spent all this time and consideration in choosing your ideal stone worktop, identifying the right sink can be the icing on the cake.  So from different materials to different styles, we give you a run down of the kitchen sink options and when they work best! Positioning Undermounted Here, [...]


7 Ways to Personalise Your Kitchen

Browsing kitchen ranges online and in showrooms is a wonderful way to research different styles, finishes and solutions. However, when each kitchen is unique to its space and user, we look at key areas you should pay attention to when contemplating how to personalise your kitchen design. Your habits, lifestyle, tastes and passions will differ from the next person considering the exact same range. So how can you ensure that your space is perfect just for you? 1. Kitchen Island If [...]


What Can Domestic Projects Learn from Commercial Stone Use?

Stone is used widely in commercial, corporate and leisure industry environments. Why is this, and what can homeowners learn by the way that stone is implemented? It’s easy to see why this material is popular in commercial environments. Surfaces undergo more pressure and intense use than you’d find in a domestic situation. So the durability and low maintenance of stone has cost saving benefits. These cost saving benefits are present in domestic stone use too: not just in cash [...]

Something a Bit Different: Unusual Stones That You Should Check Out!

So you know you want a stone worktop in your redesigned and refitted kitchen. You’ve chosen stone because you want to exhibit this feature in your new room design. Or perhaps you want your kitchen to reflect your artistic flair and your choice of stone worktop is the ideal part of the room to show this. You may have a very specific concept in mind, or perhaps you want something completely different. When granite, marble and quartz are increasing [...]

luxury kitchen flooring

What’s the Best Kitchen Floor for You?

How and why do you choose a kitchen floor? How do you ensure that the materials of your kitchen design complement each other? Your kitchen floor has the power to reflect and reinforce the design choices that you have made, from soft furnishings to stone worktops. So looking at diffusion of light to maintenance demands, we give you a rundown on how to pick the ideal flooring material in your new kitchen. Best for Handleless Cabinets If you have chosen a [...]

separate bins for recycling in the kitchen

5 Ways to Make Your Refit More Sustainable

More and more consumers are considering the sustainability of their purchasing decisions. Fitting out your home is no different. When planning a kitchen or bathroom refit, the sustainability of the materials plays a part in your choices. This may not be because you are an eco warrior! You may simply want to make the most efficient and durable selections that you can. This makes economic sense after all. It’s often the case, though, that what makes long term economic [...]

traditional kitchen design with stone worktop

6 Ways to Achieve a Traditional Look With Stone

For those seeking to create a traditional country or shaker style kitchen, stone worktops may not immediately spring to mind. For some, stone is the material of modern and contemporary styles. With its flawless smooth surface and cool texture, granite, marble and quartz do indeed work fantastically well for a modernist or minimalist concept. However, this by no means discounts this material for traditional schemes. So where do you begin to locate the perfect stone for your country kitchen [...]

hands in rubber gloves cleaning stone worktop

A Guide to Stone Maintenance

One of the key benefits of choosing stone for your new kitchen worktop is how little maintenance this material requires. This isn’t to say, however, that your worktop will simply look after itself for decades on end. To keep your quartz, marble or granite surfaces looking as stunning as the day they were fitted, take a few simple and hassle free steps of basic maintenance.  Daily Habits A great routine to establish which will have long lasting benefits for your stone [...]

monochrome kitchen

Why Stone Works Best for Monochrome Kitchen Schemes

There is a reason that the trend for monochrome kitchens has held up in popularity. It’s modern and clean and the ultimate in flexibility. The concept can emit timeless elegance or funky contemporary style. It may all seem simple – it’s just black and white after all. However, this scheme comes with its own potential pitfalls, many of which come down to material choice and finding the right balance of tones. So why is stone so popular for monochrome [...]