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kitchen with island, sink, cabinets, and hardwood floors and view of living room

Colours in the Kitchen

If you’re always standing in the kitchen at parties, then it may be that you’re just the coolest one in your crowd… or could it be that you’re actually busy judging the design choices of your host and reading into the insight that it gives to their personality?! It is true that our design choices are extremely telling of our priorities and values, and none more so than our choice of colour. Statements If you’re a bit of a social butterfly, [...]

luxury kitchen with marble worktop

Cave Dwellers: The benefits of using stone in the home

Choosing the materials to employ in a domestic redecoration or refurbishment is one of the first decisions you will make. It will influence the look of your space, the functionality it enjoys and, of course, your budget. So why do an increasing number of people now choose stone as their prime material, how is it best utilised and what features can it bring to your home? On the Up Plastics and laminates – icons of the temporary, disposable designs that were [...]