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white and grey marble master bathroom with large glass walk-in shower

Bathroom Beauty: Using stone effectively

Natural stone is a striking addition to any room in the home, but it is an especially fitting material for a bathroom. It is possible to choose almost any element of this room to be made from stone, from sink splashbacks and vanity tops to walls and floors. It is a practical, durable and elegant choice. But how do you use it to its best capability? Elegance Perhaps your design concept is to create an oasis of glamour in your bathroom; [...]

multiple stone counter sample colours

What’s the difference? The choice between granite, quartz and marble

Once you’ve decided that stone is the way forward for your new kitchen or bathroom (and why wouldn’t you?!) you will face the more specific choice of which stone to use. Our main lines of stone: marble, limestone, granite and quartz have varied qualities which means that different stones are appropriate for different circumstances. So how do you make the choice that is right for you? What are they? Quartz This is an engineered stone and encompasses our Dekton produced products which [...]