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granite kitchen worktop

What’s So Great About Granite?

Here at Zenstone, we think that all stone is fantastic. Each of the varieties of stone worktop that we supply has their own unique appeal and charm. Today we want to talk specifically about granite and sing the praises of that most traditional of domestic stones. Where the popularity of natural stone in home decor remains on the up, granite is seen as a classic. Value Because of its status as an iconic high-end material, you will find that granite worktops [...]

modern stone kitchen worktop and feng shui

Worktop Feng Shui: Arranging your perfect kitchen

As a central part of home feng shui, a well laid out kitchen is vital for your well being. This is a practical fact as well as a conceptual one. The heart of your home must be treated with care and attention. When we spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen; whether cooking, working or socialising, it is crucial that it works seamlessly. Much of your activity will be centred on your worktops, the materials and colours [...]