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white marble kitchen worktop

What’s So Marvellous About Marble?

Finding the right stone for your home can feel convoluted. With aspects such as appearance and function to consider, and with many stones sharing similar features, how can you be certain that you’ve made the right choice? Looking in more detail at marble and what makes it special, we can identify why it might be the perfect stone for you. Formation Marble is a naturally formed metamorphic rock. It derives from a sedimentary form that manifests as limestone or dolomite. When [...]

stone kitchen island in a modern kitchen

Stuck in the Middle: 5 ways to use your kitchen island

Choosing to include an island in your kitchen design is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Your worktop and storage space will increase and the centre of the room is a great place to show off a striking stone worktop. Before you set your heart on a dramatic marble centrepiece, though, ensure that you have given thought to how you intend to use the facility. The most effective kitchen islands are those which have a dedicated use. So, once you [...]