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quartz kitchen worktop

What’s So Quintessential About Quartz?

It’s easy to see why quartz is such a popular worktop material for both kitchens and bathrooms. It’s virtually indestructible and the massive choice in colour and pattern style makes it easy to fit into a design scheme. What is quartz though and why would you choose it over other materials such as marble or granite? What it is Pure quartz is a natural mineral. Its use is diverse, from jewellery to homeware to electronics. By the mid-twentieth century, synthetic varieties [...]

woman wiping down stone kitchen countertop

Worktop Maintenance: Seven Top Tips for Stone Upkeep

One of the primary reasons that many customers choose stone for their kitchen worktops and islands is the durability of the material. Whether granite, quartz or marble, a stone surface is a high strength and low maintenance choice for a busy household. However, low maintenance doesn’t necessarily mean zero maintenance. Like anything, stone gives out what you put in, so there are a few key things that you can do to keep your stone worktop looking its best. 1. Sealing [...]