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light shining off a stone kitchen worktop

How to Maximise Natural Light Using Stone

In rooms of function such as bathrooms and kitchens, maximising light is a primary concern. For many, a considerable amount of time is spent in a kitchen and what time is spent in a bathroom is focussed on either grooming or relaxation. So it’s not just about the sense of wellbeing that natural light brings. It’s about the clarity of vision and sense of space. So why is stone such a great material for those seeking to maximise natural [...]

house with stone surfaces

How Can Stone Increase the Value of Your Home?

Whether or not you plan to move, the value of your home is often a very real concern. Today’s fluctuating economic climate has made consumers increasingly risk-averse and far more likely to take long-term considerations into account. For this reason, when refitting a kitchen or bathroom it makes sense to consider what level of value you are adding to your home. Quality is key here, and the use of stone has many benefits that mean that a room design is [...]