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stone bathroom worktop

Top Tips for Your Bathroom Refit

What does your bathroom mean to you? Is it a functional space where you make yourself look spectacular? Or perhaps a relaxing haven where you can hide from the kids? Maybe it’s all about the kids and having splashing good fun? Where does it sit amongst any other bathrooms or washrooms in the house? Whatever the vibe of your bathroom, it’s important that its layout and design is fit for purpose. When so many house buyers plan a bathroom [...]

bright well designed stone kitchen

Natural or Engineered: Choosing the Right Stone

For a kitchen or bathroom refit, choosing stone surfaces over wood or laminate is just the initial decision. Once you’ve decided that a stone worktop is for you, it’s time to narrow down which stone best suits your needs. Granite, quartz, marble, limestone, or even dekton are popular materials that can all transform a kitchen or bathroom.  What better place, then, to start narrowing down your choices than looking at natural and engineered stones? Both have their benefits and attractions. [...]