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Mix and Match: How stone and wood can look great together

We love stone here at Zenstone, that’s very clear. However this doesn’t mean that we can’t see the beauty in other materials too. Indeed we would expect no less from our clients. We don’t think that you should have to choose exclusively between stone and wood. As kitchen design becomes more and more adventurous, there are some amazing ways to mix materials within a kitchen to great effect. Surfaces and Cabinets Perhaps you can see the benefits of a durable and [...]

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Eight Ways to Declutter Your Kitchen Worktops

You’ve deliberated, browsed and consulted. Calculated, designed and dreamt. Finally, after all of this you have your perfect stone worktop installed in your refitted kitchen. Perhaps the sparkle of granite inspires energy in the space. Or the crisp freshness of marble makes your kitchen feel heavenly. Or the glow of rose quartz makes you feel warmly at home. Then life happens and your perfect stone worktop gets covered in stuff!  So don’t fall into the trap of a cluttered kitchen! [...]