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coloured kitchen stone surface

Why You Should Choose Coloured Stone for Your Kitchen Worktop

When we think about a stone worktop, many of us will automatically visualise a monochrome tone. A grey granite or white marble. Even quartz, renowned for its extensive range of colour, is often pictured in beige tones. However, coloured stone is a wonderful way to lift the design of your kitchen or bathroom. To get it right, it’s important to ensure that your worktop sits comfortably with the other element of your room design.  Choosing a Colour scheme The most significant [...]

stone worktop features

8 Clever Features of Your Stone Kitchen Worktop

When you imagine a stone worktop, you may envisage a wide sweeping expanse of glistening and tactile granite. Or maybe a sleek and shining marble. You will then probably consider how wonderfully durable natural stone is once sealed. Often, however, the functional features that can be integrated within a stone worktop are an afterthought. However, when you understand the practical uses this material can enable, it is clear that choosing a stone worktop should not just be about the [...]