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mother with child cooking together

How to Choose a Family Friendly Worktop

Is the material of your worktop the only thing to consider in ensuring that it is child friendly? Well, unless you’re planning on a foam worktop (which isn’t exactly catching on), this is unlikely. Far more important in whether a worktop is child friendly is how the surface is finished, installed, and utilised. So how can you ensure that you are making family friendly worktop choices? Edges Curved edging to your worktop such as pencil round, or even better full bullnose [...]

stone samples for worktops

Which Stone Suits Your Life? Take Our Stone Quiz!

If 2019 is your year for a new kitchen, you’ll most likely be turning your thoughts to the potential of stone. For work surfaces and sink surrounds, stone is an extremely popular material. However, the options are extensive and can feel confusing or daunting. So how do you untangle the options and arrive at your ideal stone, in the ideal hue? Take our fun quiz to discover the benefits of different stones and how they might work for you! My kitchen [...]