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separate bins for recycling in the kitchen

5 Ways to Make Your Refit More Sustainable

More and more consumers are considering the sustainability of their purchasing decisions. Fitting out your home is no different. When planning a kitchen or bathroom refit, the sustainability of the materials plays a part in your choices. This may not be because you are an eco warrior! You may simply want to make the most efficient and durable selections that you can. This makes economic sense after all. It’s often the case, though, that what makes long term economic [...]

traditional kitchen design with stone worktop

6 Ways to Achieve a Traditional Look With Stone

For those seeking to create a traditional country or shaker style kitchen, stone worktops may not immediately spring to mind. For some, stone is the material of modern and contemporary styles. With its flawless smooth surface and cool texture, granite, marble and quartz do indeed work fantastically well for a modernist or minimalist concept. However, this by no means discounts this material for traditional schemes. So where do you begin to locate the perfect stone for your country kitchen [...]