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Something a Bit Different: Unusual Stones That You Should Check Out!

So you know you want a stone worktop in your redesigned and refitted kitchen. You’ve chosen stone because you want to exhibit this feature in your new room design. Or perhaps you want your kitchen to reflect your artistic flair and your choice of stone worktop is the ideal part of the room to show this. You may have a very specific concept in mind, or perhaps you want something completely different. When granite, marble and quartz are increasing [...]

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What’s the Best Kitchen Floor for You?

How and why do you choose a kitchen floor? How do you ensure that the materials of your kitchen design complement each other? Your kitchen floor has the power to reflect and reinforce the design choices that you have made, from soft furnishings to stone worktops. So looking at diffusion of light to maintenance demands, we give you a rundown on how to pick the ideal flooring material in your new kitchen. Best for Handleless Cabinets If you have chosen a [...]