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7 Ways to Personalise Your Kitchen

Browsing kitchen ranges online and in showrooms is a wonderful way to research different styles, finishes and solutions. However, when each kitchen is unique to its space and user, we look at key areas you should pay attention to when contemplating how to personalise your kitchen design. Your habits, lifestyle, tastes and passions will differ from the next person considering the exact same range. So how can you ensure that your space is perfect just for you? 1. Kitchen Island If [...]


What Can Domestic Projects Learn from Commercial Stone Use?

Stone is used widely in commercial, corporate and leisure industry environments. Why is this, and what can homeowners learn by the way that stone is implemented? It’s easy to see why this material is popular in commercial environments. Surfaces undergo more pressure and intense use than you’d find in a domestic situation. So the durability and low maintenance of stone has cost saving benefits. These cost saving benefits are present in domestic stone use too: not just in cash [...]