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Luxury Stone Bathroom

A Guide to Bathroom Stone

What’s the plan with your bathroom? Unless you’ve just finished refitting it, most people have a plan forming in the back of their mind about this room. It’s the room where many of us have a ‘fantasy design’; a spa-like haven in which to retreat from the world. Perhaps you want to freshen up your existing family bathroom. Or maybe you plan to add an en-suite or downstairs w.c to add value and convenience to your home. And it [...]

Sink and Worktop

Everything about the Kitchen Sink: How to Chose the Right Sink for Your Stone Worktop

The relationship between your kitchen sink and the worktop that surrounds it is a delicate one. You must find a balance that successfully combines function and aesthetic within your overall room design. Since you’ve spent all this time and consideration in choosing your ideal stone worktop, identifying the right sink can be the icing on the cake.  So from different materials to different styles, we give you a run down of the kitchen sink options and when they work best! Positioning Undermounted Here, [...]