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Summer Stone Worktops

Why Stone Worktops are Great for Summer

The sun has arrived, Wimbledon’s been great and school’s nearly out. Summer fever is here, and with it the way you use your kitchen will change. Maybe in just the most minuscule of ways, but it will. You’ll find that a focus on fresh food, cool drinks and entertaining tends to dominate this season. Not only this, but July is National Picnic Month. So it’s time to set your kitchen surfaces to work as you create a glorious picnic. [...]

Stone Kitchen Worktop

6 Top Functions of a Stone Kitchen Worktop

If you’re considering a stone worktop for your kitchen refit, you will likely consider both aesthetics and function. We all know that granite, marble and quartz are beautiful materials. Surfaces that will inspire admiration among visitors to your kitchen. But, how should we think about stone when it comes to function? Indeed, what are the key functional benefits of stone worktops and what works best where? Preparation Maybe you prefer to prepare culinary delights close to your cook zone. Or you [...]