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Marble Floor

Why you Should Invest in a Marble Floor Polish

In a home or a workplace, natural stone is a wonderfully versatile and durable material. Marble especially brings a timeless elegance that can withstand evolving design concepts. So as a flooring material, stone is a popular choice for those taking a long view. You may not have considered a marble floor polish. However, to get the absolute best out of your marble floor a certain degree of long term maintenance is key. I thought Stone is Low Maintenance? Absolutely right. Compared [...]

Worktop Stone

Making Sense of Different Types of Worktop

As part of a kitchen refit, choosing your worktop is a central decision. Indeed, some favour a change of worktop to give their kitchen a facelift when a full renovation is out of the question. However, how do you decide what’s right for you when faced with so many different types of worktop? There are aesthetics to consider, as well as your kitchen usage and maintenance demands. Not to forget the all important financial implications! So let us help [...]