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Versatile Granite

Ever wondered… “what is granite used for?”

It’s no secret that we love granite work surfaces in the kitchen. The material is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is exceedingly durable, heat resistant and easy to maintain. But you need not stop at the kitchen. Granite is a great material for sideboards and surfaces in the bathroom, hallway, living room…anywhere in the home, really! Work surfaces are our expertise, but have you ever thought beyond this? What is granite used for, other than worktops? Here are six [...]

Superb Marble Worktop

Why Marble Stone is Great for your Kitchen

The three key stones from which you’ll browse for your kitchen worktops are granite, marble and quartz. Today, we want to sing the praises of marble stone for kitchen worktops. While each stone has its benefits for different kitchen designs and concepts, we will look at the times that marble is the top dog! Consumers often associate marble with traditional kitchen concepts. However, just take a quick look through the marble library and you’ll find varieties that work for [...]