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Outside Use of Granite

External Granite Surfaces in Cold Weather

Granite is an extremely popular material to use in external domestic spaces. Its natural durability makes it able to withstand the extremes of British weather through both summer and winter. Over the winter months, though, you may wonder will granite crack in cold weather? Of course, the extremes of the British Winter are variable. Some years are relatively mild, while others experience sustained periods of sub-zero temperatures. Unlike more porous stones such as marble and limestone, granite is a [...]

Kitchen Renovation

Planning the Fit Out of a New Kitchen

Are you starting the decade with a brand new kitchen? Are you planning to do it yourself, or work with a kitchen designer? Perhaps a combination of the two! One of your primary concerns is to organise schedules. So how long does it take to fit a kitchen? This is clearly a rather open question; of the ‘piece of string’ variety! It will depend on the size of the room and the complexity of the fittings. And if it [...]