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Granite Worktops and Alternatives

Granite Countertops and Alternatives to Granite for the Kitchen

Your kitchen countertops are one of the most important product choices that you will make during a kitchen refit or extension. With the ability to both reinforce a design scheme and practically affect your daily living, a countertop material must be right. You need to consider appearance, durability, maintenance, reflectivity and concept. So from granite countertops to wooden worktops, how do you navigate so many options? Wood Natural materials remain popular amongst kitchen refits. Wooden surfaces sit alongside natural stone [...]

Choice of Quartz Worktops

What’s so Good about Quartz Worktops?

Ever wondered what’s so great about quartz worktops? You know that increasing numbers of your friends are choosing them, and loving them. But do you still wonder; are quartz worktops any good? Does this engineered stone perform when compared to a composite, a laminate or a natural mined stone? What are the practical and aesthetic benefits of choosing quartz over and above anything else? Well, there are a few features of quartz that we think are rather good! Being Durable [...]