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Match Color Chart to Worktop

15 Kitchen Paint Color Ideas to go with Your Perfect Zenstone Kitchen Worktop

As you’re browsing the stone worktop ranges out there, you realise that it’s only part of the story! To get your kitchen decor exactly right, you need to find the perfect colors to frame your worktop. Together, walls and worktop combine to evoke the core of a design concept. Our kitchen paint color ideas will guide you in completing the aesthetic environment that you dream of. Analogous These kitchen paint color ideas sit adjacent to each other on the color [...]

Man Made vs Natural

Should you Choose Real Marble or a Marble Effect Worktop?

Choosing the aesthetic for your new kitchen worktop is one of the most exciting parts of a kitchen refit or extension. And we find that marble is a really popular choice. It’s a classic and elegant look which can make a space feel light, bright and fresh. If you can appreciate the loveliness of marble stone, the potential of a marble effect worktop may cross your mind too. When other materials can give the appearance of marble, should you [...]