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bright, airy kitchen

How to make your kitchen extraordinary

Are you in the early stages of planning your kitchen refit? Maybe you’ve recently been given permission for that long awaited kitchen extension? Perhaps you now find yourself in a bit of a pause before the process can commence. It’s frustrating, but why not take this time to really consider how you can make your new space truly extraordinary. You don’t have to be featured in an episode of Grand Designs to have an extraordinary kitchen. We mean the [...]

couple budgeting over kitchen counter

How can I plan my new kitchen cost?

Cost is a daunting factor in planning your new kitchen. We’ve all seen television programmes where budgets spiral out of control. These nightmare scenarios do nothing for the average consumer confidence when entering into a new kitchen project. Try not to let this put you off though! A refitted or refurbished kitchen can add value to your home and ease daily living. With careful consideration and prioritisation, you can plan your new kitchen cost in a reliable and organised [...]