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cleaning stone kitchen surface

Top hygiene tips for your stone kitchen worktop

Whoever thought that putting the shopping away would become such a gargantuan task? Not to mention one fraught with hygiene issues!! For many people during the coronavirus pandemic, wiping down the shopping has become a kind of normality that they never, ever expected. And as part of this, the hygiene of your stone kitchen worktop is a primary concern. However, use the wrong products or process and you could damage the worktop. So how do you ensure that you’re [...]

kitchen disco

How to Perfect a Kitchen Disco

Across the UK, and indeed the globe, pandemic induced lockdown has brought a new significance to the kitchen. This room is the new place to go ‘Out Out’. Maybe your family are celebrating the end of homeschooling for the week with Baby Shark and marshmallows. Or perhaps you’re video calling your mates to enjoy a cool G&T together across the internet. Your kitchen is often the room in which you find yourself. And it’s your worktop which plays host [...]