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construction man fitting kitchen cupboards

5 Top 2020 Trends to Influence your Kitchen Refit

As we approach the second half of 2020, perhaps it is finally time to get that kitchen refit done. If there’s anything that months in lockdown have taught us, it is to avoid putting off what you can do today. For this reason, it’s likely that many people who have long been dissatisfied with their kitchen will take the plunge and go for the refit. But which design features are the ‘must-haves’ for this year? And how can you [...]

sleek modern kitchen design with a kitchen peninsula

5 of the best ways to invest in your kitchen

In these days of lockdown, quarantine and isolation, everyone wants a garden. While the sun shines, anyway! The ongoing truth, though, is that the kitchen remains the room which can add the most value to your home. So it follows that this is the most popular space to receive investment. But where should you concentrate your investment to get the best out of your kitchen? Some plan to invest in their kitchen to add to the sale value of [...]