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What types of kitchen countertops are best?

My kitchen countertop’s better than yours! No, mine is best! OK, no one has ever actually had this argument, but it’s part of a thought process as we work out our ideal kitchen design. The problem is, though, that what qualifies the ‘best’ differs for every one of us. It all depends on your taste, your lifestyle, your priorities and, of course, your budget. So how can there be the best kitchen countertop? In reality, different people will have [...]

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Kitchen Worktop Materials: Pros and Cons

It can be hard to decide between kitchen worktop materials. The internet is a great source of information, but sometimes this can confuse matters even more! So sometimes what you need is a straightforward comparison of pros and cons. We’ve separated different types of worktop material into three sections and looked at their benefits and challenges. By working out what your own priorities are in a kitchen, this should help you to decide on which is your ideal kitchen [...]