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What is the best natural stone for a kitchen?

Natural stone is a wonderful material to choose for your refitted kitchen worktop. Indeed, this choice of kitchen surface is often top of the list when it comes to clients describing their dream kitchen. The low maintenance, cool, elegant features make natural stones inimitable and exclusive. But how do you decide which natural stone is right for you kitchen? The differences between the likes of granite, marble and limestone may seem subtle at first glance. However, when you are [...]

What are the benefits of granite kitchen worktops?

Granite remains one of the most popular stones for kitchen worktops among our clients. It’s easy to see why – it’s tough, timeless and durable. More than this, though: it has many faces. It can be elegant and smooth, rustic and unusual, or light and contemporary. When clients decide to install granite kitchen worktops in their scheme they know they have made a selection that will see them through many years enjoying a beautiful kitchen space. Performance Although the kitchen [...]