Author - Rebecca Hinshelwood

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How to Choose a Family Friendly Worktop

Is the material of your worktop the only thing to consider in ensuring that it is child friendly? Well, unless you’re planning on a foam worktop (which isn’t exactly catching on), this is unlikely. Far more important in whether a worktop is child friendly is how the surface is finished, installed, and utilised. So how can you ensure that you are making family friendly worktop choices? Edges Curved edging to your worktop such as pencil round, or even better full bullnose [...]

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Which Stone Suits Your Life? Take Our Stone Quiz!

If 2019 is your year for a new kitchen, you’ll most likely be turning your thoughts to the potential of stone. For work surfaces and sink surrounds, stone is an extremely popular material. However, the options are extensive and can feel confusing or daunting. So how do you untangle the options and arrive at your ideal stone, in the ideal hue? Take our fun quiz to discover the benefits of different stones and how they might work for you! My kitchen [...]

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Tips for Planning Your January Kitchen Refit

Is 2019 the year for planning your kitchen refit? Maybe you have the work booked and planned and are just counting down the days. Or perhaps it’s simply a target that you want to achieve at some point in the year to come. Whatever stage you’re at, it’s likely that you feel a little underprepared. Your kitchen is the busiest and most functional room in the home so it can be daunting to plan for having it out of [...]

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6 Christmas Treats That Prove the Benefits of a Stone Worktop

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… and the most heavy going on your kitchen!  The whole Christmas season basically relies upon food and drink. So it’s a busy time for any kitchen – is yours up to the challenge? If you have chosen a stone worktop in your kitchen then you will find that, yes, you’ll be giving Mary Berry a run for her money. So which Christmas treats are so much more straightforward to prepare with [...]

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Why You Should Choose Coloured Stone for Your Kitchen Worktop

When we think about a stone worktop, many of us will automatically visualise a monochrome tone. A grey granite or white marble. Even quartz, renowned for its extensive range of colour, is often pictured in beige tones. However, coloured stone is a wonderful way to lift the design of your kitchen or bathroom. To get it right, it’s important to ensure that your worktop sits comfortably with the other element of your room design.  Choosing a Colour scheme The most significant [...]

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8 Clever Features of Your Stone Kitchen Worktop

When you imagine a stone worktop, you may envisage a wide sweeping expanse of glistening and tactile granite. Or maybe a sleek and shining marble. You will then probably consider how wonderfully durable natural stone is once sealed. Often, however, the functional features that can be integrated within a stone worktop are an afterthought. However, when you understand the practical uses this material can enable, it is clear that choosing a stone worktop should not just be about the [...]

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Mix and Match: How stone and wood can look great together

We love stone here at Zenstone, that’s very clear. However this doesn’t mean that we can’t see the beauty in other materials too. Indeed we would expect no less from our clients. We don’t think that you should have to choose exclusively between stone and wood. As kitchen design becomes more and more adventurous, there are some amazing ways to mix materials within a kitchen to great effect. Surfaces and Cabinets Perhaps you can see the benefits of a durable and [...]

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Eight Ways to Declutter Your Kitchen Worktops

You’ve deliberated, browsed and consulted. Calculated, designed and dreamt. Finally, after all of this you have your perfect stone worktop installed in your refitted kitchen. Perhaps the sparkle of granite inspires energy in the space. Or the crisp freshness of marble makes your kitchen feel heavenly. Or the glow of rose quartz makes you feel warmly at home. Then life happens and your perfect stone worktop gets covered in stuff!  So don’t fall into the trap of a cluttered kitchen! [...]

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Top Tips for Your Bathroom Refit

What does your bathroom mean to you? Is it a functional space where you make yourself look spectacular? Or perhaps a relaxing haven where you can hide from the kids? Maybe it’s all about the kids and having splashing good fun? Where does it sit amongst any other bathrooms or washrooms in the house? Whatever the vibe of your bathroom, it’s important that its layout and design is fit for purpose. When so many house buyers plan a bathroom [...]

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Natural or Engineered: Choosing the Right Stone

For a kitchen or bathroom refit, choosing stone surfaces over wood or laminate is just the initial decision. Once you’ve decided that a stone worktop is for you, it’s time to narrow down which stone best suits your needs. Granite, quartz, marble, limestone, or even dekton are popular materials that can all transform a kitchen or bathroom.  What better place, then, to start narrowing down your choices than looking at natural and engineered stones? Both have their benefits and attractions. [...]