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National Relaxation Day: Head to Your Kitchen to Unwind

August 15th is National Relaxation Day. We all know how important it is to have downtime and space for reflection. However, it’s an incongruous truth that no one ever relaxed by being told to relax! So, come the 15th August or indeed any day of the year, we look at why the kitchen is ideal to truly unwind! Not only this, but find out how stone worktops play an integral role in keeping this room calm, understated and elegant. Baking The [...]

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What’s so Lovely About Limestone?

In geology terms, limestone is essentially a non-metamorphosed marble. Many forms of marble are derived from limestone which has been subject to extreme heat and pressure. In design terms, however, these two stones are markedly different. With differing aesthetic and practical properties, limestone can be an even more desirable stone than its rivals. Appearance The patterns that we find in limestone are much more granular than the clear veining that is distinctive in marble. However, the relationship between these stones means [...]