What is the best natural stone for a kitchen?

Natural stone is a wonderful material to choose for your refitted kitchen worktop. Indeed, this choice of kitchen surface is often top of the list when it comes to clients describing their dream kitchen. The low maintenance, cool, elegant features make natural stones inimitable and exclusive. But how do you decide which natural stone is right for you kitchen? The differences between the likes of granite, marble and limestone may seem subtle at first glance. However, when you are [...]

What are the benefits of granite kitchen worktops?

Granite remains one of the most popular stones for kitchen worktops among our clients. It’s easy to see why – it’s tough, timeless and durable. More than this, though: it has many faces. It can be elegant and smooth, rustic and unusual, or light and contemporary. When clients decide to install granite kitchen worktops in their scheme they know they have made a selection that will see them through many years enjoying a beautiful kitchen space. Performance Although the kitchen [...]

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What types of kitchen countertops are best?

My kitchen countertop’s better than yours! No, mine is best! OK, no one has ever actually had this argument, but it’s part of a thought process as we work out our ideal kitchen design. The problem is, though, that what qualifies the ‘best’ differs for every one of us. It all depends on your taste, your lifestyle, your priorities and, of course, your budget. So how can there be the best kitchen countertop? In reality, different people will have [...]

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Kitchen Worktop Materials: Pros and Cons

It can be hard to decide between kitchen worktop materials. The internet is a great source of information, but sometimes this can confuse matters even more! So sometimes what you need is a straightforward comparison of pros and cons. We’ve separated different types of worktop material into three sections and looked at their benefits and challenges. By working out what your own priorities are in a kitchen, this should help you to decide on which is your ideal kitchen [...]

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5 Top 2020 Trends to Influence your Kitchen Refit

As we approach the second half of 2020, perhaps it is finally time to get that kitchen refit done. If there’s anything that months in lockdown have taught us, it is to avoid putting off what you can do today. For this reason, it’s likely that many people who have long been dissatisfied with their kitchen will take the plunge and go for the refit. But which design features are the ‘must-haves’ for this year? And how can you [...]

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5 of the best ways to invest in your kitchen

In these days of lockdown, quarantine and isolation, everyone wants a garden. While the sun shines, anyway! The ongoing truth, though, is that the kitchen remains the room which can add the most value to your home. So it follows that this is the most popular space to receive investment. But where should you concentrate your investment to get the best out of your kitchen? Some plan to invest in their kitchen to add to the sale value of [...]

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Top hygiene tips for your stone kitchen worktop

Whoever thought that putting the shopping away would become such a gargantuan task? Not to mention one fraught with hygiene issues!! For many people during the coronavirus pandemic, wiping down the shopping has become a kind of normality that they never, ever expected. And as part of this, the hygiene of your stone kitchen worktop is a primary concern. However, use the wrong products or process and you could damage the worktop. So how do you ensure that you’re [...]

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How to Perfect a Kitchen Disco

Across the UK, and indeed the globe, pandemic induced lockdown has brought a new significance to the kitchen. This room is the new place to go ‘Out Out’. Maybe your family are celebrating the end of homeschooling for the week with Baby Shark and marshmallows. Or perhaps you’re video calling your mates to enjoy a cool G&T together across the internet. Your kitchen is often the room in which you find yourself. And it’s your worktop which plays host [...]

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How to make your kitchen extraordinary

Are you in the early stages of planning your kitchen refit? Maybe you’ve recently been given permission for that long awaited kitchen extension? Perhaps you now find yourself in a bit of a pause before the process can commence. It’s frustrating, but why not take this time to really consider how you can make your new space truly extraordinary. You don’t have to be featured in an episode of Grand Designs to have an extraordinary kitchen. We mean the [...]

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How can I plan my new kitchen cost?

Cost is a daunting factor in planning your new kitchen. We’ve all seen television programmes where budgets spiral out of control. These nightmare scenarios do nothing for the average consumer confidence when entering into a new kitchen project. Try not to let this put you off though! A refitted or refurbished kitchen can add value to your home and ease daily living. With careful consideration and prioritisation, you can plan your new kitchen cost in a reliable and organised [...]