How is kitchen renovation helpful for your home?

Installation of kitchen. Worker installs doors to kitchen cabinet.

How is kitchen renovation helpful for your home?

When you decide to renovate a kitchen, it can be tempting to look at the project in isolation. To ignore the wider impact that the development may have on your home. The good news is that the effects are generally positive. Indeed, often you’ll find a kitchen renovation helpful for your home. So, in which ways can your home benefit from a kitchen renovation? And how do you plan whether to extend or simply remodel your kitchen space?

When to extend

More often than not, this comes down to available space and budget. If both of these things allow, a kitchen extension is one of the most effective renovations for increasing home function and home value. As kitchens have become much more central social areas, the impact that they have on daily life has increased.

When to remodel

If additional space is not available, you can still achieve a huge improvement in your existing space by remodelling your kitchen. By upgrading layout, function and materials, this type of kitchen renovation can support daily life even without the addition of square footage.

Optimise your space

The ultimate way to make a kitchen renovation helpful for your home is to focus on optimising space. So, choose the most efficient layout for the area available. For smaller spaces,  U shaped layouts will offer the maximum worktop space. Larger kitchens always benefit from a kitchen island. By maximising the area that you can install your granite or quartz worktops, you’ll find it easier to keep the space from becoming cluttered.

Improve efficiency

With so much gadgetry in the kitchen, from ovens to fridge freezers, dishwashers to toasters, your kitchen renovation is vital in achieving energy efficiency. So while you’re upgrading, prioritise the energy efficiency of your appliances. Install LED lighting, and even get creative with under-cabinet LEDs. These will illuminate your sparkling new marble worktops. All of these changes will pay you back with reduced energy bills and less waste.

Decrease stress

An inefficient space causes a build-up of stress. If you’re struggling against a tidal wave of clutter, or constantly battling to find stuff at the back of an awkward cupboard you’ll know what we mean! In this way, your kitchen renovation can facilitate the smooth running of your daily life. With space-saving storage and pull out solutions, everyday tasks just become a bit smoother.

Positive energy

It may sound fantastical, but when you consider the amount of time you spend in a kitchen, this environment can be instrumental in managing your energy levels! Our kitchens are no longer simply spaces in which we cook. Now we relax, socialise and work here too. So plan your kitchen renovation with this in mind. Select calming neutral colours, natural stones and maximise light with reflective marble worktops.

Install strong materials

Taking the long view, your kitchen renovation can be helpful for your home if it means that you don’t have to think about a kitchen renovation for a long time! This is why we would always advise you to plan the space to last. With high performing, low maintenance quartz or granite worktops, this significant part of your kitchen will last and last. If you want a refresh in the future with new cabinet fronts, for example, your classic stone worktops will endure and complement the new look.

Home value

Of course, a kitchen renovation is the one piece of work which reliably adds considerable value to your home. If you want to make one change before selling, a kitchen renovation with desirable features such as a granite worktop is a great idea. Even if you’re not planning on selling up, the knowledge that you’ve improved the desirability of your home is a comforting one.

From remodels to extensions, a kitchen renovation is truly elegant when it includes natural stone worktops. To see how your design can be completed, just contact us at Zenstone.

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