What is the most durable worktop for bathrooms?

stone bathroom worktop

What is the most durable worktop for bathrooms?

When most of us plan a new bathroom, we easily get preoccupied with how to create a stylish and relaxing space. Durability probably comes as an afterthought. That’s totally understandable. It’s important to get a bathroom right for you. What if we told you, though, that one of the most durable countertop materials for bathrooms is also the most stylish? We look at quartz worktops and how they work so well in any space.

Durable Bathrooms

Let’s first understand why bathroom materials need to be durable. While they try to pass themselves off as a calming sanctuary, bathrooms actually have to work pretty hard for us. They’re relatively high traffic areas, especially in a family household. For this reason, there’s frequent cleaning to undertake in order to keep a bathroom ordered. There’s also constant water contact, both from use and from the ongoing maintenance. This seems obvious, but people often get surprised at how quickly lower quality materials become damaged with wear and tear in a bathroom. 

High End Materials

Choosing lower quality materials is, more often than not, a false economy. So when you look at a quartz worktop or other high end material, remember longevity. When you consider that a quartz worktop will last a lifetime, the waste of replacing a worktop every few years is striking. Plus, there’s the ongoing benefit that comes from installing such a high quality and durable material.

Qualities of Quartz

As the most hard wearing of natural based stones, this surface is one that we recommend for bathroom countertops. It’s made using 93-94% natural quartz and 6-7% polymer resin. This means that it retains that natural quality whilst benefiting from the additional durability that the manufacture process gives it. So why do we love it so much?

Eternally Stylish

Quartz worktops have been popular for years. And this is showing no signs of changing – for good reason! Quartz is available in various options that range from whites, through neutral greys and beiges to black. It’s a material rich in features, from marble-like veining to sparkling stone speckles.  

Low Maintenance

All natural stone is hard wearing. However, because a quartz worktop is manufactured with resin, it does not possess the same porosity that other natural stones have. This means that it’s durable without a sealing process, making it the lowest maintenance product of all natural based stones. Just a wipe with warm water and a mild dish soap is sufficient, so you can do away with abrasive cleaning products! 

Bathroom Storage

Do you need a worktop in the bathroom at all, though? It’s clear that bathroom storage is crucial to keep the space relaxing and clutter free. This extends to the worktop. We’d advise maximising your bathroom storage within a layout. You’ll be amazed at how much stuff you do need to store away when you start using a bathroom! Whether it’s a sink surround or full countertop over cupboard storage, your choice is important for the overall look of your bathroom.

Countertop Considerations

So, what do you need to think about for your bathroom countertop? There are design, upkeep and layout principles to think about before you choose.


We immediately notice the appearance of a bathroom worktop. Quartz worktops are timeless in style. So where you may change the superficial scheme of your bathroom, you can retain your quartz worktop. The brightness, sparkle, or gloss of different quartz finishes is great for diffusing natural light around the bathroom. This means that even smaller, darker spaces will feel lighter and airier.

High/Low Design

If you’re working to a budget, it’s worth employing the principle of high/low design. This is commonly used by interior designers and basically means allocating budget to high use, prominent items in order to lift the overall elegance of a room. Quartz worktops really fit this principle as they are a key feature that you will both look at and touch in the bathroom.


Cleaning the bathroom does not feature on anyone’s list of fun things to do! Frankly, whatever you can do to minimise this chore is a benefit. Quartz is non porous and dense, so it does not scratch, stain, or chip with wear and tear. Daily cleaning is a breeze with just a wipe down to keep it looking fresh.


To make a bathroom stylish and homely, you’ll want to accessorise the space. You might prefer candles, reed diffusers or greenery. All stone surfaces are a wonderful foil to these kinds of accessories, giving you a relaxed spa feel to the space. We love the clarity of quartz when positioning those finishing touches to a bathroom design.

Alternative Options

Of course, there are other natural stones available which you may want to consider for your bathroom countertop. These materials have their advantages and benefits, too.

Marble worktop

This may be the most porous of natural stones, but if you are looking for an original and natural elegance, marble is ideal. Each slab is cut individually, so every countertop is uniquely veined. Although there are quartz ranges that are veined in a similar way, for some people there is no beating classic marble.

Granite worktop

Again, this naturally mined stone gives a one-off finish. Granite is a bold look that works wonderfully in contemporary designs. This stone is available in so many different colours, it’s a great material for anyone who wants to inject some colour into the bathroom scheme. 

With so many different varieties of stone worktop available, it can be hard to know where to start for your bathroom worktop. It’s always worth seeing and touching examples in the flesh. Get in touch or visit our showroom to see for yourself.

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