Which is the Best Marble for Kitchen Countertops?

Which is the Best Marble for Kitchen Countertops?

There are few materials that have enjoyed such consistent popularity as marble. For centuries it’s been mined, shipped globally and used in sculpture, architecture and most recently, homeware. A beautiful and high performing material, it’s always been popular in kitchens. Which means that many customers find themselves considering the best marble for kitchen countertops. As a naturally occurring stone, the variations in the appearance of marble are vast. So home designs can achieve any of an array of aesthetic looks whilst benefiting from all the practical advantages of this stone.

Benefits of Marble

Before you have to worry about appearance, what makes marble of all varieties great for kitchen countertops? Despite the fact that marble is a soft enough stone to carve and shape, once a countertop slab has been sealed, it’s super tough. A sealed marble countertop is a heat, spill and scratch-resistant. As such, it’ll serve you for a much longer time than many other materials, and is low maintenance day today. The structure of the stone actively refracts light around the room, so it’s ideal for both large, bright and smaller or darker spaces. It’s cool to the touch, making it a practical surface for baking – which is after all the original purpose of a kitchen! If you prefer entertaining, a cool marble surface is a wonderful base for drinks and canapés!

The Look

So we all agree – marble is great. But when you start looking through the catalogue, you realise that there are so many varieties. How do you choose the best marble for kitchen countertops? Try asking instead, which is the best marble for MY kitchen countertop. Every kitchen is unique, but to give you some ideas, we’ve paired some great marbles with different kitchen design concepts.


If your kitchen aesthetic hangs on timeless elegance and a more traditional concept, you should look to a very classic marble. So the key features are neutral tones and bold veining, such as Arabescato whites. These ranges sit perfectly with traditional cabinetry and subtle, soft lines.


For a modern, sleek look, darker countertops can work wonderfully. A contemporary concept still benefits from strong veining, so check out the black Nero ranges of marble, which add an element of sparkle and contrast. These are impactful as a central focus to your design.


Whether you prefer monochrome or a pure white look, a minimalist concept always embraces white countertops. For true minimalist concepts, keep the veining to a minimum. White varieties such as Thassos or Sivec are great here. You can contrast with sleek grey cabinetry and create long uninterrupted lines. 


Sitting against the lighter woods of a Nordic style, choose from grey-toned marbles. These deeper neutral colours such as Dove Nuvolato break up the appearance of wood to complete a calm and tranquil aesthetic.


The whitewashed appearance of the New England shaker style kitchen is striking when paired with blue or green hues of marble. Blues such as Azul Macauba or greens like Verde Issorie are ideal here. It’s a coastal style which benefits from the colours and graining that are reminiscent of the sea.


Funky retro kitchen concepts tend to be hung around splashes of bright and vibrant colour. So why not make those splashes of colour your worktop focus? Keep cabinetry neutral and make a statement with boldly marked yellows like Giallo Siena or reds like Corralito.

You can achieve a long-lasting and stunning kitchen worktop through marble. To get it right, take the time to browse the different varieties available to you. Just contact us at Zenstone to get advice and explore the stones.

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