Why do people like granite in kitchens and bathrooms?

Why do people like granite in kitchens and bathrooms?

Granite is an old favourite for people planning a kitchen or bathroom refit. And this is showing no signs of changing! There are many reasons that this material has sustained its popularity both for kitchens and bathrooms. Even despite the introduction of more engineered and manufactured stone choices. So why do people like granite so much?

It’s Elegant

You may want to create an oasis of calm in your bathroom. Or perhaps a sophisticated social hub in your kitchen. The patterning and shades of colour that exists across ranges of granite make this stone representative of luxury. It can be as understated or as striking as you prefer. One thing is common across all ranges of granite, though. This is that you have taken the time to select an elegant aesthetic for your kitchen or bathroom worktop.

It’s Durable

On to the practical aspects of granite. This stone is tough. It requires sealing to remove its natural porosity but once sealed granite is super hardwearing. It is heat resistant to dishes coming out of the oven, and it resists the water damage from baths and sinks in regular use. It’s also dense enough to withstand knocks and damage from high traffic areas of your kitchen and bathroom.

It’s Low Maintenance

Best of all, granite doesn’t require excessive cleaning to retain its lustre. Simply reseal every year or two to keep this stone at its most durable. We certainly find that low maintenance sits at the top of most people’s priorities! A simple wipe down with mild dish soap will remove dirt and grime so there is no need for special cleaners or scrubbing. If you want to avoid streaking to your kitchen or bathroom surface, just dry the worktop with a microfibre cloth.

It’s Cool

We’re not talking about the look (although this is certainly true), but the temperature to the touch. Granite is a great material for bakers in a kitchen and wallowers in a bathroom. The cool temperature of the stone is an indicative sign of the high quality of this material. This practical feature offers a lifetime of benefit for people planning to use their kitchen as a functional space.

It’s Bright

You need not choose a light coloured granite to benefit from the brightness of this stone. As a naturally mined stone, there is depth to its composition. This is what brings the trademark sparkle of granite which is so sought after in kitchens and bathrooms. So a polished granite of any hue is wonderful for diffusing natural light around your kitchen or bathroom.

It’s Diverse

There are a huge number of different varieties of granite out there. From roses to blacks, greys to greens, the range of colours mean that granite sits perfectly in any kitchen or bathroom colour scheme. So if you dream of a monochrome bathroom of blacks, whites and greys or a calming kitchen with tones of green, then a granite variety will complete the look.

It’s Unique

The undeniable benefit that granite holds over-engineered and manufactured alternatives is its uniqueness. This can only be achieved through its natural state and the fact that granite is mined in slabs. By choosing granite, people know that no one else will have a kitchen or bathroom quite like theirs.

We’re not saying that you’ll love all types of granite. Indeed, it’s the variety of this stone that makes it so very appealing. Within the encompassing title of granite, we know that you will discover a colour and variety that you’ll simply fall in love with for your kitchen and bathroom. Just get in touch with us at Zenstone to browse the range.

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