Granite Worktops and Alternatives

Granite Countertops and Alternatives to Granite for the Kitchen

Your kitchen countertops are one of the most important product choices that you will make during a kitchen refit or extension. With the ability to both reinforce a design scheme and practically affect your daily living, a countertop material must be right. You need to consider appearance, durability, maintenance, reflectivity and concept. So from granite countertops to wooden worktops, how do you navigate so many options? Wood Natural materials remain popular amongst kitchen refits. Wooden surfaces sit alongside natural stone [...]

Choice of Quartz Worktops

What’s so Good about Quartz Worktops?

Ever wondered what’s so great about quartz worktops? You know that increasing numbers of your friends are choosing them, and loving them. But do you still wonder; are quartz worktops any good? Does this engineered stone perform when compared to a composite, a laminate or a natural mined stone? What are the practical and aesthetic benefits of choosing quartz over and above anything else? Well, there are a few features of quartz that we think are rather good! Being Durable [...]

Outside Use of Granite

External Granite Surfaces in Cold Weather

Granite is an extremely popular material to use in external domestic spaces. Its natural durability makes it able to withstand the extremes of British weather through both summer and winter. Over the winter months, though, you may wonder will granite crack in cold weather? Of course, the extremes of the British Winter are variable. Some years are relatively mild, while others experience sustained periods of sub-zero temperatures. Unlike more porous stones such as marble and limestone, granite is a [...]

Kitchen Renovation

Planning the Fit Out of a New Kitchen

Are you starting the decade with a brand new kitchen? Are you planning to do it yourself, or work with a kitchen designer? Perhaps a combination of the two! One of your primary concerns is to organise schedules. So how long does it take to fit a kitchen? This is clearly a rather open question; of the ‘piece of string’ variety! It will depend on the size of the room and the complexity of the fittings. And if it [...]

Versatile Granite

Ever wondered… “what is granite used for?”

It’s no secret that we love granite work surfaces in the kitchen. The material is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is exceedingly durable, heat resistant and easy to maintain. But you need not stop at the kitchen. Granite is a great material for sideboards and surfaces in the bathroom, hallway, living room…anywhere in the home, really! Work surfaces are our expertise, but have you ever thought beyond this? What is granite used for, other than worktops? Here are six [...]

Superb Marble Worktop

Why Marble Stone is Great for your Kitchen

The three key stones from which you’ll browse for your kitchen worktops are granite, marble and quartz. Today, we want to sing the praises of marble stone for kitchen worktops. While each stone has its benefits for different kitchen designs and concepts, we will look at the times that marble is the top dog! Consumers often associate marble with traditional kitchen concepts. However, just take a quick look through the marble library and you’ll find varieties that work for [...]

Preparing Granite Worktop

How to Prepare for Fitting Granite Worktops

Your new granite worktops may be part of a full kitchen redesign or even extension. Or they might simply allow you to refine your existing kitchen by adding this element of high-end design. In both of these circumstances, the granite cutting, shaping and sealing work happens off-site. So you don’t need to worry about that! However, just as important is your own preparation for fitting granite worktops. So what do you need to know and what should you make [...]

Limestone or Marble

Limestone or Marble: What’s the difference?

If you’ve narrowed down your choice of kitchen worktop to stone, you’re only part of the way there! With several different types of stone out there, you will need to specify your choice to natural or engineered stone. And then still further to granite, marble or limestone. The last two of these can be the trickiest to decide between. To many intents and purposes, the two are very similar. So when it comes to limestone and marble, what’s the [...]

Granite Worktop

Restoring a Granite Worktop

Have you purchased a property that benefits from an existing granite worktop? Perhaps it was one of the most attractive features of the home. However once you moved in you’ve noticed that it needs some TLC. Or maybe you have a well loved granite worktop which has seen you through many years of good service. It’s now succumbing to the ravages of time but there’s no other reason to replace it. From a granite worktop polish to a full [...]

Beautiful Marble Worktop

How to Remove Hard Water Stains from Marble

We’re willing to hazard a guess at why you chose a marble worktop. For one reason, it’s a beautiful stone. It’s classic and interesting and natural. And furthermore, it’s solid and hard-wearing and durable. But what do you do when hard water limescale sets in? In some areas, the hardness of the water supply means that you will need to have a plan for how to remove hard water stains from marble.  Marble Qualities Although it is true that marble is [...]