Worktop Edges and Edging

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Bevel is a simple, classic and elegant edge profile for granite or quartz. This style is equally at home on modern counters or in a vintage kitchen that needs new life.
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Pencil Round Edge
Pencil Round is another very current, and very popular granite edge that works in almost any setting. When you have gorgeous granite or quartz in a designer kitchen, or a subtle granite in a calming space, Pencil Round just works.
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Shell Edge (Double Pencil Round)
The Double Pencil edge has slightly more rounded edges than Flat Polish, yet retains the sleek and current feel. This edge is often chosen for its smooth, comfortable feel, particularly in a relaxed atmosphere when people are leaning against the edge of the counter or sitting at a breakfast bar.
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Full Bullnose Edge
Full Bullnose shows up everywhere – in residential and commercial settings. This soft edge style lets other design elements in the space take centre stage. This edge is often popular in traditional settings.
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Half Bullnose Edge
Half Bullnose is another favourite for when you want a little curve, but not the traditional look of the full bullnose edge. We also refer to this granite edge as a waterfall edge. This profile gives the countertop a sleek, smooth look while providing a comfortable feel as well.
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Ogee Edge
Ogee is an elegant and curvy edge we are often requested to cut for granite counter tops in more traditional homes. The Ogee edge is frequently used as part of the profile for a built-up (laminated) edge for fancier kitchens, particularly kitchen islands. This is considered to be a premium granite edge profile.
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Half Inch Bevel Edge
The Half Inch Bevel (1/2 inch bevel) edge gives shape, yet still softens the look of the edge of a granite or quartz counter without going towards the rounded profiles. The sleek angle here combines comfort and definition in one edge design.
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Shark Nose
The Shark Nose Edge is perfect for producing a floating counter effect. Available on all sufaces 20mm thick or more.
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