What are some innovative kitchen designs for small spaces?

What are some innovative kitchen designs for small spaces?

When a kitchen is on the smaller side, you have to think smarter. Both storage and working space is more limited so innovative kitchen storage solutions are key. What space there is must be used to its absolute optimum. It’s also important to map and plan the movement around the space in order to stop people from getting under each others’ feet. So we look at how innovative kitchen designs for small spaces can really change and open up the room.


As the foundation of your kitchen, the core layout sets the bar for how the space is used. There are a few key things to remember when planning your kitchen design layout. This includes the pathways around the space, diffusion of light and flexibility of use.


The classic kitchen triangle of oven, refrigerator, and sink can be a helpful principle in a small space but is by no means the final word. Instead, think about zoning and try to minimise how much you need to move between zones while doing any specific task. So food storage and cooking, dining and drinks, and clearing and crockery storage should be linked into zones.

Natural Light

Well diffused natural light always makes a room feel more spacious. Without increasing a window opening itself, your layout can actually help to increase the amount of natural light in a small kitchen. Choose reflective surfaces, such as a metallic splashback or shiny white quartz worktops. If a small kitchen has very limited natural light, you can fit under cabinet LED lighting to replicate a natural light hue.

Dining Area

The way that we use our kitchens has changed. It’s no longer just a working room, but is often a space where we relax and socialise, too. So for even the smallest kitchens, it’s important to include dining space. A ‘G’ shape layout with breakfast bar is one good layout. Alternatively recessed bench seating at a slim dining table minimises floor space used.


As the proverbial words go, “a place for everything and everything in its place.” As far as kitchens go, this means having enough storage for all your cookware, tableware, appliances, and gadgets. In a small space this can be a challenge, which leads to worktops becoming cluttered. 


Replace under worktop cupboards with deep drawers. Inside these drawers, internal drawers mean that you can have easy access to all the kitchen gadgetry you like whilst maintaining the minimal lines of a deep drawer frontage. A full height slim pull out pantry will keep store cupboard stables accessible without taking up loads of room.


A small kitchen cannot let corner space go to waste. However, corner cabinets can become a dumping ground of dead space. A corner carousel, or its more modern equivalent of pull-out armed baskets and even ‘V’ shaped drawers are some great solutions to keep this space accessible.  

Hanging Space

You can even utilise the air in between your cabinets! Hang items from underneath cabinets and on rails above your hob or your sink. This is a great look for more rustic country kitchen styles. If these aren’t for you, think about how you may hang racks or gadgets on the inside of cupboard doors to get a bit of extra accessible space. 

Using Space

Remember that room space is more than just floor area. By utilising the full height of a kitchen, you can make the space feel taller and also fit in more storage. There are a few key ways that you can make the most of the space that you have.

Bespoke Carpentry

To use every inch of your space, you can’t beat having furniture custom built. Bespoke kitchen carpentry means that you can use the full height of the room for storage. Any unusual nooks or alcoves can be converted into booth seating or extra storage. Bespoke carpentry is also a real statement to make a small kitchen feel vibrant.

Curved Edges

Think about the shape of your worktops to maximise space. A curved edge can make the end of a worktop feel less imposing into the room. Remember that your cabinets don’t need to be the same depth all around the kitchen. By undulating floor cabinets and worktop accordingly, you’ll create interesting shapes and increase floor space.


Use any space that’s not practical for storage for display instead. Having choice items on display is on trend, so why not utilise the tops of cabinets or open shelving space by keeping things visible. This could be a welcome injection of plantlife, or rustic storage jars. Both of these things are practical in your kitchen, and are ideal for display. 

Design Details

Without room size to work in your favour, it’s important to pay attention to things like materials and finishes to create a sense of elegance and luxury. These high quality and conscious choices can elevate a small space to feel more pleasant to use.


If your kitchen is small, it’s worth having a great quality worktop to keep a luxurious ambience in the space. The reflective qualities of natural stone mean that quartz and marble can make a room feel larger. With all of the clever storage solutions that you’ve put in place, a good quality granite makes a real statement, and will last a lifetime. 


Create a visual focal point with creative pendant lighting. Or integrate smart LEDs into your cabinets, shelves and worktops to change the mood of the room at the touch of a button. It’s important to have several layers of lighting in any room, but especially in a small space. Multiple lighting levels help with functionality and to create depth.

Colour Scheme

The classic mode of thought is to keep things neutral in a small space. However, this shouldn’t mean that you can’t have fun in a small kitchen. For example a vibrant pop of colour against white walls and quartz with a gloss finish to add reflectivity. Include patterns to keep a sense of character, either on soft furnishings or tiles. 

A small kitchen is by no means a disadvantage. With innovative storage and high quality materials, even a modest space can be incredibly satisfying to use. Browse our stone surfaces in our online catalogue and imagine them in your kitchen.

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