Why You Should Choose Coloured Stone for Your Kitchen Worktop

coloured kitchen stone surface

Why You Should Choose Coloured Stone for Your Kitchen Worktop

When we think about a stone worktop, many of us will automatically visualise a monochrome tone. A grey granite or white marble. Even quartz, renowned for its extensive range of colour, is often pictured in beige tones. However, coloured stone is a wonderful way to lift the design of your kitchen or bathroom. To get it right, it’s important to ensure that your worktop sits comfortably with the other element of your room design. 

Choosing a Colour scheme

The most significant decision that you will face when identifying a coloured stone worktop is the overall scheme of your kitchen or bathroom. Different colours say different things, so you should first work out how you want your environment to feel. 


A popular concept for both kitchens and bathrooms, green is a fresh, natural colour which provides a relaxing environment. Marble and granite are available in refreshing green hues which will tie seamlessly into this scheme.


This colour scheme is calming and serene. An atmosphere that is supported by the tactile elements of stone. From deep granites to more dreamy marbles, a cool blue worktop is the perfect way to achieve your desired ambience.


This colour palette brings an eternal summertime into your space. From quartz to granite, subtle yellow tones within a more vibrant room will maximise light and keep the room smiling.

Red and pink

These very warm colours should be used sparingly to avoid a space appearing too aggressive. So keep other elects of your room muted and consider layering different hues with a mottled pink granite or quartz.

Getting the right tone

When toning a colour throughout a room, it’s important not to use too much of it. So when you have chosen a coloured scheme for your kitchen or bathroom, indulge in it sparingly. A kitchen worktop or bathroom sink surround is a distinctive and eye-catching way to include colour in your room. However, to get it right, blend these surfaces with more muted walls and floors and a splash of colour in your accessories.

Thinking about function

The great thing about choosing stone for your kitchen worktop or bathroom vanity surround is that by its very nature the material is highly functional. The durability of stone is well documented, with granite and marble being some of the most hard-wearing natural materials you can choose. If you want to go the extra mile, the manufactured elements of quartz and dekton mean that these materials are hyper-durable. They are stain resistant and easier to clean, not requiring abrasive products. They are so strong, in fact, that you should protect your knives and avoid chopping food directly on the surface! 

These considerable aspects to the functionality of stone mean that the working surfaces are an ideal place to choose colour within your room. The colour of the worktop will remain vibrant and sharp even in the busiest of rooms for years to come. You’ll feel more content in your room for longer, and who wouldn’t want that?

Including Texture

Coloured stone is not, as we often find in synthetic materials, a simple block of colour. Instead, natural marbling and mottling build texture within the appearance of the stone. These natural elements work beautifully to tie a worktop into the overall scheme of a space. By creating the appearance of texture, your coloured stone worktop helps to keep your room natural and unique. Beyond patterning, the final finish of your stone worktop can vary from a glossy polish to a more rustic matte. So why not make the most of your worktop and combine tactile finish with natural marbling to create a room that is perfectly you.

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