What are the hottest trends in 2022 kitchen design?

What are the hottest trends in 2022 kitchen design?

Is 2022 the year for a new kitchen? If you’re planning a kitchen refurbishment, extension or simply a freshening up, trending concepts are a great place to start. It’s never a great idea to design a room based entirely on trends and fads, since some looks can date quicker than others. However, exploring trends gives you the opportunity to discover concepts that are more enduring. So we look at the hottest trends in 2022 kitchen design and work out how to embrace the style without going over the edge!


Most trends and design concepts take a past era as inspiration. And with so many periods to look back to, vintage styles can cover a plethora of content. This trend has been accelerated by the upsurge in demand for sustainability. So we’ll look at the key vintage concepts, from recycling to upcycling, that 2022 is embracing.


Pre-loved cottage or farmhouse furniture is a great way to kit out your kitchen in a sustainable and practical way. Large farmhouse tables can perform some of the function of a kitchen island, while benefitting from flexibility. Freestanding vintage furniture can add interest to your kitchen without taking up too much room. Think of an old oak dresser or a kitchen trolly. 


In a departure from block colour, tiles or wallpaper are back in trend to create art deco or retro patterning in the kitchen. If you like the idea of patterns, don’t overdo it, or cover huge expanses of wall. This trend is all about accents, which work wonderfully with plainer quartz and granite worktop ranges.


Colours and patterns of the 1950’s are particularly prevalent for trending vintage looks. So look for brighter vibrant shades in your patterned zones. Vintage lighting pendants and free standing retro styles of seating are subtle but striking ways to get this vintage look.


When it comes to materials, it is often best to go for enduring classic choices. Hard wood, natural stone and good quality metallics will always have a place in good kitchen design. So how do you balance longevity of performance with trending styles? 


Marble has been increasing in popularity over the last couple of years, and in 2022 it will be a must have! With all the practical benefits to marble worktops, you’ll be able to enjoy the quality for many years to come. When sealed, marble is heat, stain and scratch resistant. It’s cool to the touch, making it an ideal baking surface and it looks utterly stunning. As a naturally mined material, the veining on your marble worktop is completely unique. The variety of marbles available is huge, so for super contemporary styles, check out green tones and richly veined ranges.


From cupboard fronts to room partitions, glass heightens the atmosphere of space in your kitchen. Clear glass is making way for a more smoky vintage look. So look for accessories or panels with smoked glass or a vintage patina to be bang on trend. Choose glass or even mesh to achieve the lightness of visibility in cabinet fronts without letting contents accumulate grime.


Trending colours can be an easy way to refresh a kitchen to be on trend without paying for a full overhaul. If your core kitchen features are neutral, such as a cream quartz worktop, you have more flexibility with wall colour and accessories. 

Muted Greens

2022 will swing in popularity from jewel toned greens to more mid-tone shades that work well with neutrals. These subtle pastel greens bring a nod to the natural world while remaining soft and calming.

Bold Heritage 

If a more imposing look is what you’re after, bold colours are still on trend. To take this avenue, choose from darker heritage shades such as forest green or deep burgundy. These dark colours are great as an accent wall or used in blocks on cabinet fronts.


How you use your kitchen space is just as important a trend as which materials and colours you choose. These decisions will impact everything from layout to structure to utilities. 

Continuous Backsplash

2022 will evolve minimalist trends by reducing the number of lines in the kitchen. To achieve this, many designers have chosen to unify the countertop and splashback by keeping the material continuous. This trend works wonderfully with the upsurge in marble worktops, since it allows maximum opportunity to display the beauty and style of this unique stone. The cohesive, clean look is ultra modern and great to contrast with more vintage touches. 

Multifunctional Space

After the last two years, 2022 sees kitchen design becoming much more intentional in its focus on multi-function. In a world where many people worked from their kitchens, the latest designs actively incorporate home office functionality. This may be hidden office capability within units, or a permanent office zone tucked away in a quiet corner.

Dining Booths

Bespoke carpentry and seating are both big trends in kitchen layout. In this way, the kitchen island has evolved to encase a dining booth too. This layout is fantastic for social kitchens where cooking and talking go hand in hand.


Kitchen trends have been embracing smart technology for years, and this year will be no exception. Manufacturers are dreaming up ever more functionality, from ovens that intuitively adjust temperature to fridges that monitor stock and order shopping. Smart taps no longer just dispense boiling water, but now chilled, filtered and even sparkling taps are available.


While kitchen trends still love sleek lines and contemporary style, there is no longer the demand to hide everything away. Instead, layouts and designs are focussed more on display. So how do you go about achieving this balanced look?


Intentionally layer up the surface line of a granite worktop with accessories such as trays or blocks. Highlight green tones of marble by trailing a houseplant from the top of your wall units. These are simple final touches that bring texture to a modern kitchen structure. 


Display shelving showcases the best of your kitchenware while making these things easy to access. Look for vintage or bespoke carpentry solutions here to keep on trend.

To keep your design on trend without dating, it’s important to focus on the specific look that you want to achieve. Keep classic elements, like a marble worktop, central to the room. This will ensure that your kitchen is enduring while still being stylish. Contact us to learn more about worktop options.

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