5 of the best ways to invest in your kitchen

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5 of the best ways to invest in your kitchen

In these days of lockdown, quarantine and isolation, everyone wants a garden. While the sun shines, anyway! The ongoing truth, though, is that the kitchen remains the room which can add the most value to your home. So it follows that this is the most popular space to receive investment. But where should you concentrate your investment to get the best out of your kitchen? Some plan to invest in their kitchen to add to the sale value of their home. Others invest in their kitchen in order to improve their use of the space. We focus on the five best ways to invest in your kitchen.

1. Extension

The most radical investment that you can make in your kitchen is one of the floor areas. In recent years, kitchens have evolved from a cooking space to one which combines cooking, eating and relaxation. This is why 65% of owners undertake a kitchen makeover before putting a house on the market. Of course, you may not want to sell your home. Many owners choose a kitchen extension because this investment has the ability to increase domestic harmony. The extra storage and working area gives a family more personal space and decreases conflict. With space for installations like a broad granite kitchen island, you may even find that your family spend more time together in this room!

2. Appliances

The functionality of your kitchen is as important as its aesthetic. From dishwashers to refrigeration, the kitchen is home to most of our gadgets and they’re now smarter than ever! You may want to upgrade your existing appliances or extend the gadgetry supporting your kitchen activity. You may yearn for a side-by-side American style fridge freezer. Or perhaps an induction hob. Maybe you would err to the side of luxury with an additional wine cooling fridge or boiling water tap. These little additions can make a big difference in your valuable time. And, perhaps more importantly, their energy efficiency will pay you back with decreased energy bills and environmental impact.

3. Worktops

The first thing that our eye is drawn to in a kitchen is the worktop. It’s probably the first thing you touch, too. This is why a marble, granite or quartz worktop is such a popular choice for those investing in their kitchen. Maintenance in granite and marble is minimal since once sealed they are non-porous. And if you go for quartz, the surface doesn’t even need a sealing process! So a simple wipe down with a damp cloth will remove spills and leftovers. A stone surface is with you for the long haul, and with care will look as good as new a decade from now. A scheme can appear modern, elegant, classic or vibrant depending on the specific stone variety that you choose. This makes these worktops the most versatile out there.

4. Lighting

Consider both natural and artificial light when you invest in your kitchen. As part of a structural change, bi-fold doors allow a huge quantity of light into the room. Or as part of a kitchen refit, look at how a light marble or quartz worktop can reflect the light around the space, making it feel brighter. For smaller investments, look at changing your blind or curtain arrangement to open up more of the window space. Keep walls painted light and avoid cluttering the walls and surfaces. Artificial light can make a kitchen space versatile and fun. Look at smart colour changing bulbs like Philips Hue. Or as part of a larger investment project, integrate lighting under cabinets and within quartz worktops.

5. Surface Changes

Small surface changes can have a big impact on kitchens. By simply changing or painting cabinet fronts, switching cabinet hardware, and updating fixtures and fittings you can really change a room. These are great ways to keep a kitchen feeling fresh in the years after you’ve made a larger investment on your granite worktop.

If it’s time to invest in your kitchen, check out the role that stone worktops can play by browsing our collection or just get in touch!

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