How can I stylise my kitchen to make it look beautiful?

A view of stylish modern kitchen island

How can I stylise my kitchen to make it look beautiful?

A beautiful kitchen will bring you daily joy, so it’s easy to see why so many people focus on this room as a design priority. However, when beauty is subjective, it can be hard to know where to start. You should always work to your own preferences rather than stick doggedly to current trends. There are some basic tips and principles, though, that can apply to any kitchen concept to keep it beautiful for you.  

Your kitchen ambience

First of all, you should identify what you want the ambience of your kitchen to be. Is it a social space or a calming haven? Is it the hub of a busy family or somewhere to serve cool canapés? Do you love to entertain, or to bake, and do you work from there in addition? By answering all of these questions, you can start to work out what energy you need from your kitchen. This is an ideal starting point from which you can make the room beautiful for you. 

Working from scratch

There are pros and cons to starting a kitchen from scratch. On the plus, your options are endless and you can make the space entirely bespoke to your needs and tastes. On the minus, this can feel extremely overwhelming and it can be hard therefore to make logical decisions. So how can you stylise a whole kitchen design to make the end product beautiful? 


How you feel about a space can depend on how you move around it. An intuitive, well laid out kitchen is the best place to start in making that room beautiful. Make sure that you have flexibility ingrained in the layout. This is why kitchen islands and breakfast bars remain so popular. Position your appliances in corresponding areas. You should not have to move too far away from a prep area to get to the fridge, for example. 


Allocating budget is more complex than simply trying to keep costs down. In a functional room like a kitchen, you need to select key features for premium spend. This should be in areas that are very visible, or that experience high traffic. So, flooring and work surfaces should be hard wearing and high quality. Minimise the maintenance for your worktops by choosing granite, marble or quartz. These surfaces will retain their lustre while meeting the demands of a busy kitchen. 


Clutter is the enemy of a beautiful kitchen. If you want items out on display, this should be intentional; not just because you’ve run out of cupboard space. Include tall pantry cupboards and deep layered storage drawers in your kitchen plan. With bespoke storage, you will be able to keep every inch of space in the room practical. This helps to keep your worktops pristine, and upholds the beauty of the room.

Making surface changes

Perhaps you are updating your existing kitchen. This normally means that you are set in terms of layout, and there are certain restrictions on your decision making. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing! There are some really key alterations that you can make in an existing kitchen that will elevate the room to become stylistically beautiful. 

Colour scheme

What is a beautiful colour scheme for a kitchen? This really is something that is different for everyone. If you want your kitchen to be calm and serene, think about natural shades and neutral tones. Sage green is a classic colour that sets against cool quartz or marble to create a harmonious space. Alternatively, if you prefer an energetic, vibrant space, add pops of colour to your cupboard fronts for an instant transformation.


Some aspects of your kitchen are easier to refresh than others. Repainting wooden cabinet fronts, for example, is a straightforward thing to do and can really change a room. Complement this with corresponding soft furnishings, such as curtains, blinds, and seat cushions. If you have invested in a classic granite or quartz worktop, it’s likely that this will blend with a variety of colour schemes, so you can make big changes without a huge cost. 


Adding greenery is a reliable way to make a room feel more beautiful. Plants are good for the soul, and will always make your room feel a more positive place. Make small changes to highlight a colour scheme, such as a coloured glass fruit bowl, original wall art, or rustic kitchenware to display. 

Design Must Haves

Regardless of whether you’re gutting a whole kitchen or updating your existing space, there are some key design golden rules to remember. These are simple features which will always make a room, and especially a kitchen, feel finished, stylish and beautiful.

Focal Point

A well styled kitchen will always have a focal point. This may be a piece of wall art, a lit floor sculpture, or creative pendant lighting overhanging a kitchen island or breakfast bar. The lines of your kitchen, from the floor to the worktop, should lead the eye to this focal point. This creates a sense of unity in the room, making it feel classically beautiful and less jumbled.


It should always be possible to clear your tables and worktops in a beautiful kitchen. It’s true that when life gets busy all of us can be guilty of allowing clutter to build, but don’t let the clutter become a permanent fixture! You want to be able to see your stunning marble worktop, after all. 


The right lighting can really change the ambience of a room. Make sure that your kitchen has different lighting levels. This builds depth and means that you have flexibility to turn the room from a cook space to a social space simply by changing which lights are on. Maximise the natural light that can enter your kitchen. Reducing window dressing, and adding reflective surfaces into the room are both good ways to achieve this. Natural light brings with it an energy which makes everything more positive.

While what we see as beautiful may be different from one person to the next, by using natural, timeless materials, you’ll build the heart of a kitchen that can become many different kinds of beautiful. Contact us to browse our range of elegant classic stone worktops.

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