How to Perfect a Kitchen Disco

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How to Perfect a Kitchen Disco

Across the UK, and indeed the globe, pandemic induced lockdown has brought a new significance to the kitchen. This room is the new place to go ‘Out Out’. Maybe your family are celebrating the end of homeschooling for the week with Baby Shark and marshmallows. Or perhaps you’re video calling your mates to enjoy a cool G&T together across the internet. Your kitchen is often the room in which you find yourself. And it’s your worktop which plays host to all this; to the laptop, the tablet, the drinks and the snacks and everything in between!

But how do you give your kitchen that weekend feeling and build the atmosphere for the best Kitchen Disco in town?

Cook up a Storm

No kitchen disco would be complete without snacks! So use up the pre-disco time by making your own pizzas. Then for sweet treats, try baking some smarties cookies or gingerbread. If you don’t already have a stone worktop, it’s obviously not the end of the world. But it’s true to say that all of these doughy culinary delights are that bit easier to make on a granite, marble or quartz surface. The cool stone prevents dough from becoming overworked and claggy. And best of all, it’s easy to wipe down with nothing more than a damp cloth!

Clear the Decks

Who wants a disco in a cluttered kitchen? Clear away the dishes and all the detritus from your baking marathon. The point of a kitchen disco is to dance and eat at the same time – so you need space to pop your glass, plate or napkin down on your worktop without creating a dangerously teetering pile of stuff! At a family kitchen disco, remember that children can be exuberant dancers who can send anything precarious flying. To enjoy the disco yourself, it’s really worth removing anything at risk of being knocked by flailing limbs!

Get Interactive

Interactivity is the holy grail of any lockdown activity; discos included. As we all seek out ways to feel connected to our nearest and dearest, communication technology is really coming into its own. With numerous choices of live streaming DJs, your distant friends and family can be enjoying the same music as you. It all goes towards making you feel like you’re in the same space as each other. You can even show off your marble worktop to friends and family too far away to have already seen it!

Must Have Music

Surely the most important part of a kitchen disco. The wonderful thing about enjoying a disco in your own home is that you get to choose the playlist. Whether you prefer someone else’s live stream or painstakingly select every playlist tune, your soundtrack is key. Family discos may require some negotiation… Still, the night is long and there’s plenty of time at the kitchen disco to quench the whole family’s thirst!

Mood Lighting

Disco lights are a bonus, but not a necessity. Many granite and quartz kitchen worktops feature that trademark texture and sparkle that will refract mood lighting around the space to make it feel like a party! If you’ve recently refitted your kitchen, you may have integrated smart lighting, or illumination that is integrated in your cabinetry or quartz worktop. These features were designed to build atmosphere for all social occasions, and your kitchen disco is now the social event of the season!

A great kitchen disco can be as organised or as spontaneous as you want. In these times, you may suddenly be overtaken by the desire for the freedom of a kitchen disco. Either with friends on screen, family at your feet or on your own. So free up your worktop, let your laptop have pride of place on the granite, and dance the night away in the kitchen!

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