How to Make a Small Kitchen Feel Larger and More Extravagant

Small Kitchen feels large

How to Make a Small Kitchen Feel Larger and More Extravagant

Refitting a small kitchen can feel like a challenge. There are fewer options available to you in terms of layout and structure. Every inch of the space has to count and you also have to consider how to make the room feel more spacious with your design choices. It’s important to remember that small doesn’t have to mean basic or cheap, though. Even the smallest kitchen can feel both functional and luxurious by making some careful decisions during the refit process.


Although a small kitchen may feel like it may not have as many choices when it comes to layout, there are certain factors to consider when planning your refit. 


When space is limited, your choice of cabinet layout is narrowed. For square rooms, go for a U-shape configuration. Rectangle rooms work better with a galley or L-shape layout. Avoid placing cooking and sink appliances too close to each other, since this will cause congestion in the kitchen. 


When planning your cabinet configuration, group functional items into zones. This will help you to maintain ease of use within your storage. For example, keep your cleaning, bakeware, crockery, pans and appliances in separate designated areas. The area chosen for each should be practical for use; so pans near the hob, and crockery near the table. This minimises the need to move around the space especially when it’s used by multiple people.


Don’t forget about the benefits to having a small kitchen! There’s naturally less maintenance required to keep it clean, and you can maximise this by choosing the right materials. Stone worktops of granite and marble require minimal cleaning, since once sealed they are non porous. If you go for quartz, the engineered surface is impenetrable. So a basic wipe down with a damp cloth will remove spills and leftovers. A stone surface is an investment, and will look as good as new a decade from now.


Aesthetic decisions have a huge impact on how a kitchen both looks and feels. These can make even a small kitchen feel larger and more extravagant. Choosing high quality materials will give your kitchen a stylish air of opulence that gives the room more of an impact, despite its size.


The first thing many of us see and touch in a kitchen is the worktop. This is why a marble, granite or quartz worktop is such a popular choice for anyone investing in their kitchen. The quality of natural stone products elevates a kitchen to a luxurious space, no matter what size room it is. Since stone is a classic style, it can reflect any number of design schemes: modern, elegant, classic or vibrant. This makes these worktops the most versatile and aesthetically durable out there.


By reflecting natural light, your small kitchen can feel larger. This is why many people choose reflective stone worktops, such as quartz. Your lighting decisions can also add character to a small kitchen. Feature lighting such as bespoke pendant designs will create a talking point. This increases the extravagance of your kitchen without wasting floor space.


Keep colour schemes light in a small kitchen, with painted or light wood cabinet fronts. This will reflect natural light and increase the feeling of space in the room. Since the corners of your worktops are closer to each other, choose stone worktops with veining such as marble. The unique slabs can be positioned to look striking, which makes a feature of worktop corners.


One of the most common priorities for people refitting and redesigning a small kitchen is maximum storage. Often, the key to great kitchen storage is to utilise every part of the space with bespoke solutions. 

Pull Out 

For small kitchen refits, pull-out storage utilises the most under worktop space. Deep drawers can replace cupboards to enable better functionality. Access from above gives you more use of the space. Similarly, full height pull-out pantry cupboards, open on both sides, offers far more useable space than a traditional cupboard.


Make the most of clever design tricks to give you access to tricky areas. Cleaning cupboards benefit from a tall space with hooks and small shelves. In addition, fit wall storage for frequently used items such as utensils or chopping boards. This will keep these items off your worktops but still within easy access.


When floor area is limited, the inside of cabinets can make a real difference. To make your cabinet interiors more efficient, use the backs of cupboard doors and hinged corner solutions to access the back of corner units. For example, hanging spices on the back of cabinet doors or hanging cups or utensils from the underside of wall mounted cabinets. This gives a function to each and every part of the space.


To maximise floor space in a kitchen design, use the full height of the room with bespoke storage. There are ways to work around these units being harder to access. 


Plan what is kept in the very top cupboards in your small kitchen. Choose to store seasonal items such as turkey platters, fondue sets and picnic ware in this area. This way, they’ll be there when you need them without getting in the way the rest of the year. You can then move them to a lower space when the appropriate season arrives. Or invest in pull-down units within higher cabinets to use the space while still keeping it accessible.

Vintage Solutions

Older houses and conversion flats often have smaller kitchens with high ceilings. You can use this height in other ways than high cabinets to maximise a kitchen space. In a continuation of a period property style, a victorian sheila-maid can give great functionality to a high room.

A great kitchen need not be a big kitchen. It’s about being a balance of space that is both stylish and functional. With high quality materials and thoughtful design, a small kitchen can feel as extravagant as any large kitchen. To choose the stone worktop that will elevate your small kitchen, just get in touch. 

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