The most stylish kitchen trends for 2024

A stylish kitchen with dramatic black and white marble kitchen island.

The most stylish kitchen trends for 2024

Hands up who’s thinking of a kitchen refit this year? Whether you’re planning a full extension or remodelling the existing space, a kitchen refit is one of the most exciting changes you can make to your home. But where do you start? If you’re struggling to work out which kitchen style works for you, it might be worth looking at current trends. While dramatic trend following can sometimes result in dated looks, taking inspiration from the most stylish kitchen trends can be an ideal starting point. 

Dramatic marbles

Marble has been on trend in kitchen design for a great many years. This is a classic and timeless material which shows no sign of falling out of favour. It’s easy to see why it remains so popular, too. Marble is smooth, bright, easy to maintain and hardwearing. It should be sealed either before or upon installation since it is a porous rock. With occasional maintenance to re-seal, this will mean it can last a lifetime. For the most up to date look, choose a marble worktop that has dramatic and striking graining. As marble is naturally mined, each piece is different but specific varieties will offer large and dramatically grain aesthetics. 

Integrated storage

With storage always a premium, and ever useful, the trend for integrated kitchen storage is highly practical. The more clever the storage the better; it’s the kind of storage that you’ll want to show off to visitors! We’re talking about bespoke full height units, pull out pantry cupboards, and clever corner solutions. The best thing about optimising the storage in your kitchen refit is that it leaves your worktops clear of clutter. This not only creates a calmer, more stress free environment, but allows the expanse of a quartz worktop to truly shine. You’ll notice more reflectivity and 

Outdoor kitchens

Even though the months that we tend to cook outside in the UK are limited, the trend for outdoor kitchens is on the up. These areas are more than a barbeque. They’re complete with worktops, seating and even a bar area. It’s important to think about durability since these kitchens need to withstand the great British weather! This is why granite is the popular choice for worktops and units in an outdoor kitchen. You may find that with pizza ovens and rotisseries, there are plentiful exciting ways to cook outside which will make you want to brave the cold and rain in the winter!

Warm colours

On trend colours this year are focussed on warmth and softness. The Pantone colour of the year is Peach Fuzz. Pantone have described it as:

 “PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz captures our desire to nurture ourselves and others. It’s a velvety gentle peach tone whose all-embracing spirit enriches mind, body, and soul.” 

Warmth is important when it comes to kitchen colour schemes. We increasingly spend social time in our kitchens, so it makes sense to settle on a concept that builds an inviting and cosy space. One in which we envelop our families and welcome our guests. So from wood finishes to backsplash tiles and a marble or granite worktop, mix and match your warm tones for an up to date style.  


If warm oranges and yellows aren’t your thing, consider the other on trend hue this year: green. Its connotations of nature and rejuvenation help it to keep your kitchen feeling vibrant and fresh. Keep things soft with a pastel sage tone, which will tie in beautifully with both wood furniture and stone surfaces. Any opportunity for soft furnishings in your kitchen are ideally positioned for greens to feature. And don’t forget that actual greenery makes for a kitchen that feels alive and natural. Plant life increases the oxygen in a room and has a calming effect. It will lift any colour scheme, so utilise window sills and shelves to add trailing plants for the most up to date look. 

Social layouts

It’s been well documented that people spend more time socialising in their kitchens now than ever before. This pattern is unlikely to change as we lead busy lives that require multi tasking and less need to distinct single purpose spaces. So if you are refitting your kitchen in 2024, take a moment to consider how to make the layout more social. This might mean integrated booth seating, a combined living and eating area, or a kitchen island or breakfast bar. For large kitchens, think about sightlines, so that interaction can continue in between seating and working zones. For smaller kitchens, make the most of multi-use space tools such as an area of the worktop that can double as a social space.  

Kitchen Islands

It’s true that kitchen islands are by no means a new trend. The latest designs for kitchen islands are all about multi-function. They combine storage with seating; food prep space with dining and are the ideal way to showcase a dramatic marble worktop. They are here to stay, and so when you plan your kitchen refit layout, try to include a kitchen island if you possibly can. Think outside the box when it comes to shape and size. A bespoke kitchen island could be curved, multi-height, or integrated with other features such as seating or storage. 

Ornate Accessories

From gold hardware to elaborate pendant lighting, kitchens this year will be rich in opulence. There’s a real sense of luxury in kitchen styles for 2024. Look at oversized pendants that will create a statement piece. Or gold cabinet hardware, and mesh fronted cabinets. This mix of materials, metallics, fabrics and stones, come together to create a really ornate look. The great thing about this is that these features are really easy to swap out if your tastes change. Team them with a classic quartz worktop, and you can easily update the whole style of the kitchen with ease. 

Clearly it’s impossible to follow every trend out there. However, current trends are a fantastic place to start when it comes to finding inspiration. A stone kitchen worktop is the perfect classic feature that is not only on trend, but also a timeless classic. To browse all the possible varieties of marble, quartz and granite worktop just get in touch

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