What are the benefits of granite kitchen worktops?

What are the benefits of granite kitchen worktops?

Granite remains one of the most popular stones for kitchen worktops among our clients. It’s easy to see why – it’s tough, timeless and durable. More than this, though: it has many faces. It can be elegant and smooth, rustic and unusual, or light and contemporary. When clients decide to install granite kitchen worktops in their scheme they know they have made a selection that will see them through many years enjoying a beautiful kitchen space.


Although the kitchen is fast becoming one of the prime social spaces of the home, it is first and foremost a working space. For busy families or keen cooks and bakers, your kitchen worktop will come under steady pressure over the years. So it’s vital to choose a worktop which can withstand these demands.


When sealed, granite kitchen worktops are non-porous. This makes these surfaces extremely hygienic as there are no tiny crevices in which bacteria can lurk. Cleanliness can be easily maintained by a wipe down with mild dish soap. So if you’re looking for a surface which requires very little maintenance but maximum hygiene, granite is ideal.


In an ideal world, your kitchen worktop will sustain more than one incarnation of your kitchen. You may choose to repaint walls or refinish splashbacks, but an elegant granite worktop is durable enough to remain standing. A granite worktop is resistant to heat, water damage, knocks and scratches and so will not show the same signs of wear and tear that you may find with other materials.


By choosing a granite worktop in your kitchen, you can add value to your home. It’s a high-quality material which remains popular as an investment. The range of stones that are available means that there’s a variety to suit any budget. So you can make sure that you get value from your investment in granite, no matter the variety that you choose.


Of course, the practical benefits of granite are all very helpful in daily life. However, when you’re planning a kitchen refit or extension, it’s easy to get distracted by the visual features of this stone. When there are so many wonderful aesthetic elements to granite, it’s easy to see why so many of us fall in love with this stone.


From light creams to elegant blacks, monochrome colour schemes work wonderfully with granite. The colour range doesn’t end there; granite ranges from blues and greens to reds and pinks. This means that granite will fit perfectly in any colour scheme. But it’s not just about the colour shade itself. Sealed granite will maintain its colour over many years and will not experience the fading that many other materials do.


Ranges in the colour and graining of granite mean that there is a broad variety of stones when it comes to cost too. So you’ll be guaranteed to find an affordable stone, whatever your budget. The unique composition of granite means that it refracts light appealingly around your room, and this is different for every slab that is mined. As a naturally mined stone, then, granite ensures that your kitchen remains one of a kind!


Perhaps you’re a keen baker or entertainer. For you, the coolness of touch that granite provides is a huge benefit. It’s a feature that cannot be replicated by cheap imitations. When you’re entertaining guests and showing off your new kitchen, the feel of your granite worktop will certainly be noticed.

Granite is a high scorer in both its practical and aesthetic features. You will not find a more durable naturally mined stone which offers such an accessible range of visual appearance. Whatever the design concept of your kitchen, there will be a granite variety which is a perfect fit. Then once it’s in place, you can go ahead and enjoy the daily ease of function that it offers!

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