5 Top 2020 Trends to Influence your Kitchen Refit

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5 Top 2020 Trends to Influence your Kitchen Refit

As we approach the second half of 2020, perhaps it is finally time to get that kitchen refit done. If there’s anything that months in lockdown have taught us, it is to avoid putting off what you can do today. For this reason, it’s likely that many people who have long been dissatisfied with their kitchen will take the plunge and go for the refit. But which design features are the ‘must-haves’ for this year? And how can you embrace kitchen trends of 2020 without choosing features that will quickly appear dated and tired? The balance between core elegance and modern vibrancy is a delicate one, but these 5 current trends will see you right.

Smart Kitchens

The great thing about a full kitchen refit is that you can integrate your technology within the structure of the room. This will not only make it more functional but also keep cables, sensors and connection points hidden from view. The key to aesthetic longevity for kitchen technology is to keep it under wraps. Appliances large and small, from the refrigerator to the kettle, can be controlled via your smartphone. All power and charging points can be hidden within your worktop or splashback. In addition, LED lighting can not only be integrated under cabinets and in your worktops but also be directed to the very hue and warmth from your device. All of this up to date technology has the added benefit of carrying low energy demands, so it’s good for your bank balance in the long run!

Smooth Lines

To counteract our busy lives, the trend for simplicity in kitchen design continues. Handleless cabinets and sleek stone worktops have been popular for a while now, and show no sign of going anywhere! If anything, this inclination for smooth lines has extended even to those looking for a more traditional or country kitchen look. With curved edges to soften the scheme, a minimalist granite worktop will give an unfussy edge to any kitchen concept.

Quartz Appeal

This engineered stone has been a favourite for kitchen refits for some time. It is a testament to its longevity that it remains such a popular choice. Quartz benefits from an extensive range of colours and graining features. It’s also one of the most practical, durable and low maintenance materials out there. As the stone is mixed with resin as part of the manufacturing process, there is no need for a sealant to be added. You can get it shiny and clean with just a damp cloth and it’s non-porous so is completely hygienic. This makes us confident that customers will continue to choose quartz in its many varieties for years to come.

Multipurpose Kitchen Islands

More and more kitchen design layouts are being structured around the desire for a kitchen island. These features support the practical flow of a kitchen, whilst also being a casual social space. In this way, they allow a kitchen to become the multi-functional room that we all want. As trends for clear walls increase, a kitchen island is where we achieve our storage solutions. So islands have become deeper and larger, offering a wealth of storage and flexible worktop functionality. They’re a wonderful place to show off your stone worktops under creative pendant kitchen lighting, too. 

Big Backsplash

A backsplash has risen beyond the functional to become a design feature in its own right. And they’ve got bigger! From retro tiles to customised image printing, the backsplash is somewhere to add a personal touch which can be easily updated. Choose materials from steel to ceramic to glass to stone. Contrast a dark granite worktop with a lighter granite splashback along an entire wall to create a striking monochrome. Or set off a neutral worktop with a bright colour to bring your design right up to date.

The key to keeping your kitchen design trendy without it dating is to focus on a timeless foundation. Granite, quartz and marble are all materials that will last a long time, so are a great choice to achieve this. Contact us to find out more.

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