15 Kitchen Paint Color Ideas to go with Your Perfect Zenstone Kitchen Worktop

Match Color Chart to Worktop

15 Kitchen Paint Color Ideas to go with Your Perfect Zenstone Kitchen Worktop

As you’re browsing the stone worktop ranges out there, you realise that it’s only part of the story! To get your kitchen decor exactly right, you need to find the perfect colors to frame your worktop. Together, walls and worktop combine to evoke the core of a design concept. Our kitchen paint color ideas will guide you in completing the aesthetic environment that you dream of.


These kitchen paint color ideas sit adjacent to each other on the color wheel. This style of color matching works great with neutral, muted tones.

1. Blues

For worktops in the blue hue, pair colored engineered stone with a contrasting accent wall. So a lighter stone worktop like Alumino Nube will look great with navy wall accents. Look to the Pantone color of the year for 2020, Classic Blue, for on point inspiration.

2. Greys

Grey toned granite is a great start for kitchens in this concept. The stone displays variations of the color in its natural composition which makes it great for toning. Try lighter grey paints on your walls to bring out the depth of the worktop. 

3. Neutrals

Creams and beiges abound across different ranges of stone. A classic cream wall gives a traditional feel to a darker coffee colored quartz like Cafe. Or switch it around with darker beige walls setting off your Mykonos Beige worktop.


If you want to make a statement with your kitchen, then toning hues is probably not for you. Select your colors from opposite sides of the color wheel for a bright and ultra modern look.

4. Blue / Yellow

This contrasting color combination inspires the nostalgia of an eternal Summer! Colors of the seaside abound to give your room a cheerful and optimistic feel. Pair a muted yellow wall shade with a brighter quartz worktop, like Blu Stelline.

5. Green / Pink

This is a classic contrasting combination. With colors reminiscent of floral abundance, the look can evoke both modern vibrancy and pastel calm.  Team a Georgian Bluffs worktop with soft blush walls. Or go for a hint of pink in your worktop and select a brighter teal wall color.

6. Black / White

A classic monochrome scheme. Your room will appear brighter if you keep darker shades to your worktops and go for a brilliant white on the walls. Or choose one accent wall for a dark grey shade against a sparkling white quartz worktop. Then soften the look with hints of grey in your cabinetry and accessories.

Light Maximiser

Smaller kitchens will benefit from these kitchen paint color ideas which maximise natural light in the space. Or maybe you just love all things bright and airy!

7. White Mixes

It’s an art to mix shades of white to good effect. Use your worktop as a transition point between off white walls and glossy cabinetry. Surfaces with prominent features work well here as they introduce multiple shades. 

8. Blush

Whilst still light in hue, blush shades bring warmth to your kitchen. This makes it feel comfortable and welcoming. Team a rose paint color with a gentle worktop like Creme stellar. 

9. Yellows

Not just light, but bright! A sunshine yellow based paint scheme works beautifully against the lighter shades of grey worktop like Nordif Lof

The Calm Zone

Is your kitchen somewhere for you to while away the hours baking or to retreat with a cup of tea? These tones will help to create that safe haven.

10. Powder Blue

In color psychology, blue is a calming and collaborative color. So use these paint tones to highlight the marbling on an Arabescato worktop, completing the look. 

11. Sage Green

Bringing a feel of the natural world into your kitchen, green tones are serene and gentle. Go for an elegant sage shade on the walls against a classic Sepia worktop.

12. Mint

Sitting between the blue and green spectrums, mint remains the epitome of the tranquil kitchen. It works beautifully with a darker worktop like Glitter Noir

The Big Splash

For some, the kitchen is the entertainment room; the hub of parties and gatherings. So you want it to have that ‘wow’ factor. Use your kitchen paint color ideas to make a splash!

13. Block Color

Choose a selection of colors and paint your walls in block sections. This really needs a large kitchen space to work but can give a cool retro look. A funky worktop like Venecia will look great here. 

14. Red White and Blue

These colors bring both contrast and nostalgia into a kitchen. With an Aleutian White worktop you can contrast walls and cabinetry with red and blue shades.

15. Orange Accent

If you go for just one bright color on your walls, make it orange! This is a super modern, warm and happy color! Contrast with either extreme dark  or extreme light to get it right!

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