What are the benefits of remodelling your kitchen?

What are the benefits of remodelling your kitchen?

It may be hard to believe, but there are more benefits to remodelling your kitchen than getting to choose a shiny new marble worktop! True, this is one of the most fun parts of the process, but a good kitchen remodel can fundamentally change how you cook and how you live. It’s a different project to a kitchen facelift or refit. So to help you work out whether this is right for you, we go through the benefits of remodelling your kitchen.


When remodelling your kitchen, you will start from the ground up. This means that you can completely rethink layout and space. This is the key difference between a kitchen remodel and a kitchen refit. 


Perhaps your remodelled kitchen is a building extension or other structural change. Or maybe you are altering the use of your existing space. In both cases, you can choose the optimal use of the floor area that you have available. By being able to plan your space in this way, you can make sure that it benefits your lifestyle.


Kitchen shape is often the starting point in forming a design. So this is the chance to optimise a knock through to turn a galley kitchen into a more open space with a kitchen island. Or to integrate dining spaces into a G shape breakfast bar layout. A new shape for your kitchen can benefit how you use the space.


Our kitchens are where we spend an increasing amount of leisure time. So as part of remodelling your kitchen, you can optimise living and social areas in your layout. This may mean including bespoke seating within the kitchen unit structure, or simply zoning relaxed living areas within your floor plan.


Your remodelled kitchen should fit into your lifestyle. In this way, the functionality of your kitchen will be radically improved with modern products, solutions and electricals. Even small changes can ease daily chores.


A full kitchen remodel gives you the opportunity to select up to date appliances. You may decide to invest in the smartest of devices, or prioritise eco performance. Choose from fridges that can write your shopping list or ovens that can follow recipes. Installing these appliances as part of a kitchen remodel is far simpler than doing so after a kitchen has been installed.


This is one of the key benefits of remodelling your kitchen. Cast aside those awkward cupboards and redundant spaces. Instead, go for deep drawer storage for easy access. Pull out pantry cupboards are a fantastic way to use the full height of the kitchen and maintain accessibility to your produce. Your designer can plan to use every inch of space in the room so you can banish worktop clutter for good!


Improved functionality in your kitchen means better efficiency for you. Part of this is down to layout and reducing the need to move around the space. Otherwise, it’s about how the little things become labour saving devices. Something as simple as chilled and boiling water taps are a great investment for ease of use. Or benefit from a quartz worktop which drastically cuts down the time that you need to spend cleaning. 


This is the ‘wow’ factor benefit to remodelling your kitchen. The design concept and colour scheme is the first thing to strike you as you enter the room. By investing in key elements, your concept can feel fresh and stylish for many years.


From cottage to contemporary styles, remodelling your kitchen gives you the opportunity to choose the look that you’ve always dreamed of. It can be hard to arrive at a concept with so much choice out there, so take advice if you need it. Often if you have one feature in mind, for example a granite worktop, this can help to form the rest of your new style.


Remodelled kitchens don’t always have to be brand new. You can re-use good quality cabinet carcasses in different arrangements, and even include vintage free standing furniture amongst a fitted layout. Remember that when you choose timeless neutral fittings, these will remain in keeping with any future aesthetic changes. 


As part of a remodelling process, you will chose the materials that make up your new kitchen. This opportunity allows you to ensure that your kitchen is solid and durable, without the need for constant maintenance. Natural materials remain popular, with solid wooden floors and cabinet carcasses, and stone slab counters topping many customers’ lists.


Yes, remodelling your kitchen comes at a cost. However, of all the rooms in a home, the kitchen is the one that should be considered an investment. Make the right choices and your kitchen will repay you in a multitude of ways.

Home value

By remodelling your kitchen you will increase the value of your home when it comes to resale. This is because you have configured a functional and modern space that is desirable to prospective buyers. But when you love your new kitchen so much you probably won’t want to move away from it!

Energy costs

An investment that you will immediately see results from are the energy implications of remodelling your kitchen. Choose energy efficient appliances and utilities, and LED lighting. These decisions offer markedly improved consumption of energy without you having to change your habits. 


Aim for your remodelled kitchen to last. Now that you’ve undergone such a large project, you want to be able to enjoy the benefits for many years to come. This is why so many kitchen remodelling projects choose high quality products and fittings. Elegant styles and colours such as neutral marble shades are bang on trend now and will remain so because of their timeless appeal. 

To decide whether it’s worth remodelling your kitchen, remember that there are so many benefits to your home and lifestyle. Indeed, you will get out what you put in to a project such as this. So browse durable products like our stone worktops to turn the benefits of remodelling your kitchen into a solid and lasting investment. 

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