How to Prepare for Fitting Granite Worktops

Preparing Granite Worktop

How to Prepare for Fitting Granite Worktops

Your new granite worktops may be part of a full kitchen redesign or even extension. Or they might simply allow you to refine your existing kitchen by adding this element of high-end design. In both of these circumstances, the granite cutting, shaping and sealing work happens off-site. So you don’t need to worry about that! However, just as important is your own preparation for fitting granite worktops. So what do you need to know and what should you make sure not to miss?

What Comes First?

At the very start of the process is all of the decision-making. Your kitchen layout, appliance and sink options play a part in this. And let’s not forget your choice of granite. This is undoubtedly a challenge since there are so many beautiful stones to choose from. Once you have made that decision, though, your granite worktop supplier will begin the process of ensuring your finished product is prepared and installed perfectly.

Planning and Measuring

As with most things, perfection is all in the planning. So the location and exact specification of your sinks, hob, and any other integrated features such as power supply need to be finalised before you order your granite worktop. Most homes have some unusual dimensions, angles which are not exact, and it is these things that need to be checked and measured as part of fitting granite worktops.

Cutting and Templates

This is the measuring your space and the creation of a template which is vital when fitting granite worktops. Template cutters will work with both the existing space and the specifications of other elements of your kitchen to create a very precise template. The precision of this template is vital as the stones are cut, polished and sealed off site. Granite is extremely hard wearing and durable. It’s this element of the material which makes it so low maintenance and desirable. However, because of this, the worktop cannot be altered to fit a space on the day of fitting.

Coordinating Work

The experts who are fitting your granite worktops will need to work alongside the other contractors within your kitchen refit or extension. Perhaps you have a project manager liaising between suppliers, or you may be fulfilling this role yourself. The fitting process will be more straightforward if everyone knows what everyone else is doing. This can come down to even small details. Does the edging that you have chosen for your granite worktop complement your decision of cabinet fronts? Even very small changes of detail may have an impact on the template that your granite worktop is cut to. So bear this in mind when you are thinking of making seemingly minor changes.

The Actual Fitting

On the actual day of fitting, don’t forget that granite worktops are an extremely heavy product. Your worktop installers will need an unobstructed path to the final location of the worktops. Manoeuvring the slabs can be eased by keeping your cabinets as shells and removing drawers and doors so that your worktop is positioned quickly and accurately.

The Finished Product

Once your worktop is secured in place, the joins between surfaces will be filled and you’ll be ready to enjoy the beauty of the stone! As sealing and polishing happen earlier in the process of fitting granite worktops, there is no additional work once the stone is in your kitchen. So you can simply toast the successful arrival of your granite centrepiece!

At Zenstone, we take as much pleasure as our clients do in the sight of a finished installation of a granite worktop. There is no more elegant way to finish a modern kitchen design than natural stone surfaces. With conscientious and detailed planning, the process is fulfilled with ease!

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