Top Tips for Your Bathroom Refit

stone bathroom worktop

Top Tips for Your Bathroom Refit

What does your bathroom mean to you? Is it a functional space where you make yourself look spectacular? Or perhaps a relaxing haven where you can hide from the kids? Maybe it’s all about the kids and having splashing good fun? Where does it sit amongst any other bathrooms or washrooms in the house? Whatever the vibe of your bathroom, it’s important that its layout and design is fit for purpose. When so many house buyers plan a bathroom refit as one of their first domestic modifications, how can you be sure to get it right?

Sole Bathroom

1. Prioritise your needs. If a bathroom is the only wash space in your home, it will need to fulfil multiple needs. So think function first. Stone surfaces work brilliantly in this kind of bathroom as it is both durable and attractive, with the surface providing a flexible space for both storage and active use. 

2. Storage is important! Ensure that your bathroom furniture offers sufficient storage. This is especially true of homes that have one bathroom. The space can easily become cluttered with bottles and linen. So invest some space in a large cupboard to bring benefits to daily living.

3. Schedule the work wisely. As your only bathroom is going to be out of action during a refit, it is vital to organise the work at a time that will cause the least disruption. Work out alternative washing arrangements with timely gym or sports centre visits. Or by calling in favours from the neighbours!

Family Bathroom

1. Layout does not necessarily need to be gratuitously changed as part of a bathroom refit. If it works and you can avoid moving the plumbing then stick with it! It’s important to think about the way the space is used, though. Especially for a family bathroom which is used by multiple people at the same time, the layout of space can either ease or challenge daily life!

2. Hard wearing surfaces such as marble or granite will survive many years of heavy family use. In addition to the intrinsic durability of the material, these natural stones are sealed on installation. This helps the countertops withstand constant water contact without the need for abrasive cleaning.

3. Ventilation is key for any bathroom. But this is especially true for frequently used family bathrooms. Choose your window fittings and extraction fans carefully as they must be effective without intruding on family life.

Guest Bathroom

1. Trendy Tiles are great to make a statement. A guest bathroom is a great place to get creative. If you want a statement bathroom that is seen and appreciated, then a guest bathroom is a great space to do it. Choosing patterned tiles set against clean stark marble will create a wow factor.

2. A Multi-use space can be created in a guest bathroom, as the room is not constantly utilised. So consider your storage with this in mind. Perhaps you can incorporate a laundry area for example.

3. Lighting should be both functional and sympathetic. Remember that bathroom visits take place day and night. No guests in your home want to be dazzled in the middle of the night by stark lighting.


1. Be Realistic about your space. You may use your en-suite more than your main bathroom, but it’s not practical to try to cram every function into the space. You will enjoy your room more by maintaining the space to move around. As an en-suite is a practical space, stone countertops are great for keeping your products in order.

2. Take Inspiration with colour. A timeless look that will last decades can be achieved by using stone surfaces. With quartz varieties providing a kaleidoscope of colours, any colour scheme can be complemented beautifully.

3. Greenery is a wonderful way to bring a natural feeling of calm to your ensuite. Go for leafy ferns if your space is abundant in natural light, or cactus varieties for smaller spaces.

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