Top 5 best features of a kitchen

Top 5 best features of a kitchen

So many features make up a kitchen design. When you’re planning a kitchen refit or extension, it’s really easy to get distracted by all the minutiae. Pretty tiles and gorgeous accessories are great fun to browse, it’s true. But under it, all, a really great kitchen is made up of well-chosen core features. This is where quality and style are anchored, and where kitchen functionality is elevated beyond the norm. What are the top 5 best features of a kitchen and how to you make the most of them?


We all want to maintain clear, uncluttered lines in the kitchen. For this, you need optimised storage. It’s vital to have sufficient space to store all of your gadgets and utensils out of sight. This means that your lovely quartz worktops are shown off to the max! It’s not all about creating an uncluttered aesthetic, though. Good storage has the power to revolutionise daily life in your kitchen. Bowls and plates are easily reached with clever corner cupboards. And say goodbye to lost food at the back of cupboards with a pull out pantry! Kitchen design is all about maximising the space under and over your worktops, so clever planning here will pay you back in spades.

Prep Space

One of the most common causes of stressful kitchen work is lack of preparation space. Peelings and ingredients can form a landslide as you attempt to cook or bake. So as part of any kitchen redesign or kitchen extension, maximising that worktop space is vital. This is especially true for busy families where multiple tasks are underway at the same time. A natural granite or marble worktop is a practical and durable feature within a kitchen. And the more you have of it, the less clutter you’ll experience.

Kitchen Island

As part of a kitchen extension, an island remains one of the most popular additional features. With that extra quartz surface, you’ll benefit from an extended dining and preparation area. It’s a truly social and multifunctional space. Our love affair with the kitchen island is down to more than simply added surface area, though. A kitchen island feature wonderfully showcases your choice of the natural stone surface by extending the line throughout the kitchen. As a centrally placed feature, it’s a focal point which truly celebrates the beauty of stone worktops.


A sink is not just a sink. With the wealth of materials your sink can be made from, variety of sizes and functional sink surrounds, your kitchen sink can really be the best feature of your kitchen. And you need not have just the one! In larger kitchen refits, why not include a preparation sink as well as a washing sink? Ceramic sinks work wonderfully against marble, granite or quartz worktops as they maintain a natural aesthetic whilst contrasting with the stone finish. For Belfast or under mounted sinks, your sink surround can be cut into your stone worktop to prevent any interruption to the feature line.


This feature can alter the appearance of your kitchen, and reflect your mood. Smart and adjustable lighting works both functionally and aesthetically. To make the most of this most flexible of features of a kitchen, explore all the options of integrating with your kitchen structure. Your wall-mounted cabinets can contain underlighting, and floor cabinets can encase uplighting. Your quartz worktops can even house LEDs! Smart lighting means that you can set colours to blend and change in time with your music soundtrack. Indeed, your feature lighting can transform your kitchen from a calm oasis for coffee to a soiree place to be!

For a stylish and enduring kitchen design, you must ensure that your core kitchen features are well structured and high quality. With great quality stone worktops, durable utilities and intelligent lighting, your kitchen will be the best it can be!

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