What are the choices for kitchen cabinet design in 2022?

Kitchen Cabinet design 2022

What are the choices for kitchen cabinet design in 2022?

Whether you are refitting your kitchen from scratch or giving it a more minor facelift, you’ll be thinking about your kitchen cabinets. So what options do kitchen cabinets offer? Are they a limiting factor in your design? Actually, kitchen cabinet design in 2022 is more sophisticated than ever before. It offers a greater range of aesthetic and functionality choices, as well as playing a part in your overall kitchen concept. 


What’s going on underneath your worktops is arguably the most important element of kitchen cabinet design. Your cabinet structure should be able to hold your choice of stone worktop for the life duration of that worktop, and certainly outlive any changes of cabinet door design. 


Prefabricated cabinet carcasses tend to be a more structurally enduring option. They tend to be more expensive, but are quicker to install. So consider the savings made in labour when making your choice.

Flat pack

A overall cheaper option, the range in flat pack kitchen cabinet quality is broad. While you’ll see an initial saving with cheap flat pack kitchen cabinet carcass, these may not last or function well. 

Free standing

There’s a growing trend in free standing kitchen structures. This may be appliances or cabinets. So you might consider mixing your standard cabinets with free standing furniture such as dressers or display cupboards.


The position of your kitchen cabinets within the room will dictate your layout. This part of kitchen design affects both the aesthetic and the usability of the space. Larger spaces generally have more choice when it comes to layout, but this does not mean that smaller rooms are limited. 


Kitchen cabinet layout often follows variations on set ‘shape’ patterns. Larger square kitchens will tend towards a ‘U’ shape with a central kitchen island, or ‘G’ shape which includes a breakfast bar. Smaller kitchens may work better with an ‘L’ shape configuration, or galley layout. 


With the increase in multifunctional demand on the kitchen space, 2022 will see an increase in zoning within a kitchen. Your cabinet layout may include a small office space, for example. Or integrated living areas, such as soft seating or dining may sit within the cabinetry.

Broken Plan

Part of the rise of zoned kitchens is the use of kitchen cabinets to create a broken plan aesthetic. This is the use of furniture to separate what is otherwise an open plan space. You may use a kitchen island, breakfast bar or low level sideboard to separate the different areas of your kitchen. 


How about what’s going on inside your kitchen cabinets? There is an ever increasing number of options when it comes to integrated functionality under your worktop. In this way, our kitchens can be ever more supportive to our living. 

Storage solutions

Gone are the days of vast expanse of cupboard space. Now cabinets include such solutions as pull out larder storage, baskets, racks, corner carousels, and inside door additions.


Part of cabinet functionality is an increase in access. By separating the contents of our kitchen cabinets, access is vastly improved. In addition, there’s a growing trend for open fronted storage, so you can see and access contents even easier!


Many kitchen designs now favour drawers over cupboards. Deep drawers with full-extension runners allow you to see and access all of the contents, making daily living more streamlined. 

Cabinet fronts

Aesthetically, the most important element of kitchen cabinet design is the frontage. Cabinet doors or drawer fronts are the easiest part of a kitchen to alter when you want to refresh a design scheme. Especially when set against a classic and long lasting quartz worktop.


This traditional panelled style of cabinet front can support cottage, beachside and vintage design schemes. This is because they can be finished in such a wide range of colours and textures.


Flat fronted handleless designs are a flexible style that can sit fantastically against a more intricate worktop. For example, the growing trend for strongly veined marble on a worktop is set off perfectly by a more minimalist cabinet front. 

High Gloss

Offering either an ultra modern or retro aesthetic, high gloss cabinet fronts are a popular look in 2022. With pastel finishes and improved engineering, this style has improved maintenance demands compared to earlier versions. 


How do you choose a colour for your kitchen cabinet design in 2022? The great thing is that on trend colours this year are also classic shades that are in keeping with more neutral schemes. 


On trend shades are either muted pastel sage or deeper elegant emeralds. Cabinet design is a great way to incorporate these colours as they are set off wonderfully by either a contrasting neutral, or gently toned verde marble on your worktop. 


Darker navy shades of blue continue to be popular in 2022. So cabinet door shades have followed suit and are very prominent. This look sets off metallics in the rest of the design concept, with vintage brass and antique gold popular choices. 


A timeless colour scheme for kitchens, monochrome is a wonderful way to balance cabinet fronts and stone worktops with both contrasted and two tone designs. 


Choose your overall design concept and select your kitchen cabinets to match. The great thing is that they are easy to alter and adapt as your concept evolves.


Sustainable kitchens are both sourced sustainably and look eco sympathetic. Get it right by using natural, durable materials, and sourcing second hand where you can. Good quality cabinet carcasses are ideal for this. You can then top them with a super durable worktop like marble or granite. 


Long lines and clear spaces will always have a place in kitchen design. A wonderful way to create the look is with your choice of cabinet. From layout to structure to handleless cupboard front, think along the entire length of the room to build minimalism from the ground up.  


Incorporate unique vintage accessories for the best quirky design schemes. Cabinetry that supports this concept should combine units with free standing furniture, and include antique cabinet handles.

Good and durable kitchen cabinet designs should support high quality worktops in turn. Browse our range of natural stones or contact us to finish off your new cabinet layout.

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